The Dorm

November 21, 2016

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Welcome to my dorm! Yeah, it's more like an apartment, at least this one where I'm living at right now. On-campus life is fun and thriving, but it also means tight living space, and often the need to cram books and clothes everywhere. One of the things I love about my dorm this semester, is the fact that we have a living room, so there's more space to set up pretty things. If you're wondering, most all of my decor is thrifted (becoming a new favorite pass time of mine).

It's starting to get cold in VA, which means it's officially sweater weather. Back in Cali we would say that when it was 60 degrees outside. Here, when I say sweater, I mean "give me the biggest, warmest darn sweater in my closet." I do not, I repeat - do not like the cold. I picked this sweater up from Zaful so that I would have something nice and toasty to wear when I'm editing pictures. Gotta say, it doesn't disappoint. The material is so nice and thick, it feels like I'm just wearing a comfy,  knit blanket. Zaful has great, college budget-friendly prices, so if you are wanting to add a few new pieces to your wardrobe, you can visit their FB page here.  They also have a great Pinterest board for outfit inspiration!
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Sweater: c/o Zaful
Top: Francesca's
Pants: Target

His + Hers Style: Autumn Vibes

November 5, 2016

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One of my favorite parts about Jon and I's realationship is our mutual love for exploration. We met through a hiking group, and when we first started to become close friends, we would go on long, crazy adventures, be it hiking 30 miles down a railroad track, or repelling off the side of a wall. It's times when we get a chance to take a breather from classes and be spontaneous together that I love the most. A few days ago we went on a little trek into the woods to snap some pictures and to take in all of the colorful, autumn scenery. Virginia in the fall is breathtaking - just sayin'.

I also had the opportunity to get Henna tattoos done this week. I've been wanting to try them out for a few months now. A lovely lady here on campus did them for me, and I wanted to be sure to snap a couple of shots while the pigment was still dark.
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Her: shirt & jeans: thrifted. Shoes: Merrell. Bracelet + necklace: c/o Onecklace. Jacket: c/o Romwe
Him: denim shirt + gray henley: Target. Red shirt + jeans: old. Boots: Chippewa

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