Fighting Nature

September 27, 2016

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INFJ. That's the little box Meyers-Briggs put me in. At least, that was before I came to college. I remember sitting in a classroom the first month of Fall semester, listening to each student share which personality type they were given, and how accurate the results were. And then there was me, thinking, "Sure, some of this stuff is true, but a lot of it I could go either way on." So why did everyone else rave about their newfound personal insight, while I sat by frustrated by the fact that once again, I couldn't manage to pinpoint myself? I went home that night and sat on my floor with a notebook in hand, scribbling down every true fact I could think of about myself. Why was it so hard? I realized something that night. I had spent a lifetime of people-pleasing - adapting to every social atmosphere, seamlessly blending into "normalcy." I couldn't even tell myself whether I thought the temperature of the room was comfortable because I was so used to agreeing with the opinion of the asker. So I thought hard that night. What do I like? What makes me tick in the morning when I wake up? What are my strengths, and what are my faults? I was brutally honest with myself, which was something I either hadn't done before, or at least hadn't done in a very long time. Truth be told, we're learning everyday who we are. We grow, we change - are souls are cultivated by experiences and relationships.

I am not an introvert. And I am not an extrovert. Can a test help to iron out a few details? Maybe. But the human mind is so complex, I really feel it's near impossible to accurately put anyone into a single category and call it a day.
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Now that I've ranted to you, I want to make mention of the amazing lady who took these photos. Elizabeth of Elizabeth Lauren Photography met up with me just before I flew back to VA this Summer and managed to fit a photo session in just as the sun was setting. This girl is so talented, it's crazy. Best part? She's going to be the photographer for Jon & I's wedding. God definitely blessed our socks off there.

A few of you girls have been saying you miss the outfit posts. I definitely plan to keep posting fashion editorials; just mixed in with some other content here and there. Getting someone to snap photos for you at college is a bit tricky ;). With that said, for my style gals, let's talk outfit shall we? This off-the-shoulder top is from Romwe. I've been loving the off-shoulder trend this Summer, especially in soft, neutral colors. These distressed skinnies are a new favorite of mine, though they're not a huge hit with my man. I assured him that it's just a fad that will probably pass in a year, amirite?
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Shirt: c/o Romwe
Pants: thrifted
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Forever 21
Photo credit: Elizabeth Lauren Photography

All Those Distant Afternoons

September 14, 2016

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It's five thirty in the afternoon, but time is the last thing on my mind. There's a pair of worn hiking shoes resting leisurely in the bed of leaves below a swinging, green hammock. Every few moments, a lulling breeze sweeps over the tree tops, rustling a chorus of leaves in the flourishing, sun-flecked overhang above. Somewhere nearby my man is climbing trees. And I'm content to soak it all in - the beauty, the warmth of the forest - holding onto the last few moments of Summer before they slip away into Autumn. These are the times I really understand what it means to live in the moment - to simply be. To bask in the glory and magnificence of the work of our Creator, and to receive a glimpse of the sweet gifts which He has given to us - human relationships, moments, time.

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