Finding Modest Clothing

June 30, 2015

Let's be real here, finding modest clothing, isn't exactly the easiest thing in the world these days. I do find it important to dress modestly. Personally, modesty for me is a form of self respect. It's having the confidence to say, " I don't need to flaunt myself to the world in order to feel beautiful." There is such a classy elegance about a modestly dressed woman.. 

With that said, the biggest difficulty I find when searching for a modest piece is short length. I am a very tall gal, 5'11" to be exact. Dresses are virtually impossible to find in a length that I like. So when a company comes along like eShakti, you bet your stilettos I'm all aboard! I first discovered eShakti about a year ago, when they contacted me about a collaboration. Now listen here, Girls... every one of their dresses can be customized to your measurements, your desired length and even your neckline/sleeve style of choice! I have never received an eShakti dress I didn't love for that very reason. And the dresses are made in the US. What's not to love? Not to mention, browse their website for a moment and you will see just how adorable their designs are. The pictures above features a few of my favorites as of the moment, but there are so many pieces for so many different styles. I don't normally post about specific companies or promotions, but I made an exception this go 'round because eShakti is truly a company that I love and believe in. They just re-launched with a whole new website and lookbook filled to the brim with stunning pieces. eShakti is offering each of you a $35 giftcard, so be sure to make use of it! Use the code "ALTES35" at check out. The code is only valid until July 10th, so don't miss out!

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Also, eShakti has a fashion community, so if you love to share how you style your pieces, or if you just adore swooning over other girl's outfits, definitely check it out!


Mrs. L said...

Such a sweet and lovely look, you look beautiful!

The Flower Duet

Unknown said...

Adorable look and so ladylike!
Red Reticule

The Lady Nerd said...

How incredibly interesting. I have never heard of a site that customizes like that (without costing a seriously pretty penny). I'm with you 100% on the modesty. I have a fun (aka rough) time with it being in not only the modeling scene, but also the geek/cosplay scene. It's all about exposing as much as you can. It's part of what prompted me to start my nomenclature/blog, The Lady Nerd, to show that you can be a geek and a cosplayer, but still be modest and classy. (Or on the flip side, that you can be a Christian, modest, and classy but still fly that geek flag loud and proud!)

I might have to check this site out...(I've found that I actually really like Kate Middleton's style. It's classy, but chic. And I love her skirt/dress lengths. They're not too short, but flattering (I find the 1-3 inches above the knee is the most flattering line. I have a long torso with short legs (which at 5'8" looks kinda weird), so I'm glad to have a fashion role model like her to look to. I can't stand all of the fashion these days with the tiny skater dresses. If I bent over, the whole world would see my bum! No thanks...)

~ Briana

The Boyer Sisters said...

Oh!! eShakti is seriously the cat's meow when it comes to modest clothing! Thanks to your gift coupon, I just ordered 2 new items from them (a chambray dress for second-shooting a wedding this August, and a chambray skirt for everyday wear!), so thanks bunches girly! :)


alivegurl said...

I thought it was just me! Yes, it is somehow increasingly difficult to find modest clothing. How come all the items in store seem to be so short people can actually peek up your crotch? So strange.

Thank you for sharing about eShakti. I might check it out soon!

Alive as Always

Hannah Catron said...

It is extremely hard to find modest clothing. But I love eshakti. I got a dress from them for my choir concert, and it's my favorite!
Great post :)

Kirsten Ann said...

I too find a hard time finding modest length yet cute dresses. I'm so addicted to Modcloth but have discovered I need to pay a lot of attention to the length before buying, I realized in the past year or so I have no interest in any of my old short skirts and dresses, I just feel better if it's no shorter than right above my knee. Thank you so much for the code! I'm definitely going to try t hem out, so awesome they offer custom dresses at a good price

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