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May 30, 2015


A few weeks ago I had the super exciting opportunity to collaborate with, Elizabeth of Elizabeth Lauren Photography, to bring you this fun, vintage inspired photo shoot! Elizabeth was a blast to work with, and our sweet friends were kind enough to allow us to use their beautiful property and vintage car! As a photographer myself, I can't stop admiring the composition, editing and the way Elizabeth captured the light - so perfect!

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Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lauren Photography
Blouse & necklace: Papaya
Skirt: Romwe
Shoes: Becca & Louise

Maddy said...

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Madison said...

Oh these pictures are so stunning!! What s great opportunity and fun photo shoot:)

Elle said...

Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous!

LIVforstyle said...

Lovely photos.



The Boyer Sisters said...

Oh.My.Goodness. These are simply fantastic. Love, love, love this shoot!


Anonymous said...

These pictures are so impressive! I love the grainy vintage feel they have.

Bianca Esposito said...

Great photos and a beautiful outfit! Cool car too, I wish I had more access to some retro rides!

Danny said...

loving your makeup! and the car is a great prop :)

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Gorgeous shoot! I love the ones with the car. It's perfection!

Beverly Houpt said...

Heart eyes all over these photos! Simply gorgeous.

Rachel Elizabeth said...

Such a beautiful outfit! I love the photos too sooo beautiful!


The Hearabouts said...

Everything about this post is magical! The outfit, atmosphere, editing.. just love!

The Hearabouts

Monique said...

These photos are absolutely stunning and so is your whole outfit! Do you ever get that you look like Lana Del Rey? You look just like her in most of these photos;)

Marie said...

I think these photos might just be some of the best I've seen on your blog in awhile (not that yours are bad lol). Something about mixing it up with different styles makes me feel like I've just seen this blog for the first time. Nice work!

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