Flawless Skin Care Routine

March 9, 2015


Alas, I struggle with breakouts and blemishes just as much as the next girl. We all know acne is no fun, let's just be honest here. My skin care regime really has become a part of my daily routine. But... it wasn't always that way. Back when I was around fourteen years old I began experiencing pretty good breakouts, but for some weird reason I didn't really care all too much. I was of the opinion that makeup was that magic stuff you used to cover blemishes and make your face look perfect. Fast forward about two years-- my acne had gotten bad enough that my face was beginning to scar. That was my wake-up point. Up until that time I had done absolutely nothing to prevent my breakouts, and it was time for a change. I began seeking out different methods for getting rid of my acne.

Today I want to share with you what has worked for me over the past couple of years. Taking care of my skin is extremely important to me. This is my routine two times daily. Getting started with a daily skin care routine may seem daunting, but it's essential for clear, healthy skin.


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Typically I use four products- a salicylic acid facial wash, an all natural exfoliating scrub, an acne spot treatment and a moisturizer in the mornings. This month I am introducing a charcoal soap and cleanser into my routine. I've heard rave reviews about these two products from Destiny Botique, and I am so excited to see how they work for me. I will be doing a follow up review at the end of the month, so keep an eye out!


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In my case, there are a few things I can name off specifically that cause breakouts. #1 and worst of all-- not washing my face, especially after wearing makeup all day. I cannot skip one morning or evening wash without waking up the next day with a face full of blemishes. This definitely helps to motivate me to stay on top of things. #2- touching my skin. This may sound a little bit off the wall, but if I touch my face a lot during the day, it has a profound effect on my acne. #3- high sugar intake. And this is the hardest one for me! I am a sugar fiend, no shame here, Girls! However, I do notice a difference in my face from weeks when I eat more sugar. #4 and finally, stress. This is a big one for me. Sometimes I get so busy with work, school and my social life that it causes stress, whether I realize it or not. This is one of the primary causes for my breakouts.


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For the mornings, I will wash my face with my salicylic acid wash (always be sure to wash all of this off, otherwise it can cause breakouts if it sits on the skin), and then dry my face thoroughly with a clean, dry towel. Next I was my face again with my exfoliant- this step is especially essential for my dry skin. The products I use to prevent acne really dry out my face, so exfoliating helps to make my skin soft and smooth. Finally I apply a generous amount of moisturizer before applying makeup.

In the evenings, I do everything essentially the same, except I skip the moisturizer and use an acne spot cream- basically you just squeeze some of the cream onto your finger tip and pat it onto any blemishes on the face.



If it's a makeup day, I'll go onto primer and liquid foundation. I am trying a new one out- I still love my Kat Von D foundation, but the super matte finish wasn't jiving with my skin type. During my last Sephora visit, they recommended the Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundation. It still has a matte finish, but looks a bit more natural while maintaining a full coverage. I'm still in a mental trial period with this makeup- I do love the coverage, but I'll have to report back what my final verdict is. I like to set my liquid foundation with a powder.

Finally, a little lip balm! I like to do lip balm early on in the makeup process so that my lips are moisturized and ready for lipstick before I walk out the door.



I've put together a little video for you girls- you can see here that I'm actually trying to clear up a pretty gnarly recent breakout- it's second semester of senior year, and my face is feelin' it! 


Products Used

Let me know what works for you! What do you like to use in your skin care routine? Any particular products you love? 

Laura Mitbrodt said...

I love Bare Minerals, i use it too

The Boyer Sisters said...

I was so excited to see that you did a face-care post! Beauty and hygiene are my mojo, and, as I'm sure you know from my and my sisters' blog, I've had quite the journey experimenting with different acne treatments (heh.). My favorite products are a facial cleaner by Shaklee called Infuselle (sp?), various Proactiv treatments/ moisturizers/lotions, a Burt's Bees night cream (which gives SUCH incredible hydration to the skin! I try and over look the little blemishes it causes because my skin gets SO DRY in the winter!), and a Yes to Tomatoes scrub w/ salicylic acid.

Thanks so much for this post, dear!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I myself have struggled with acne. It got to the point of being so bad(very embarrassing) and all the skin care products I had tried just didn't seem to work. A friend of mine suggested that I should try Exposed Skin Care and so I did. After using it for 2 month my skin was clear and more even toned. Now I just have an occasional pimple and some scarring which baking soda is go for the scarring and it is antibacterial. What is nice about the skin care is that it has some natural ingredients but it still has the salicylic acid. I'm still trying to find a foundation that I like and that matches my skin.

Madison said...

Great post to read and so insightful!! I totally agree on the whole sugar thing...I definitely realize my skin gets worse when I have had sugar (especially chocolate) and that is hard to cut out from eating sometimes. Thanks for such a great post and your tips.

sweet like cinnamon said...

That apricot scrub has saved my skin multiple times! Sadly, I am allergic to sylicic acid in acne products that REALLY DO work! So I cannot use them, but that scrub is AMAZING

Hannah said...

Wonderful information. I hadn't thought of using a charcoal detox before. So often we just try to cover up acne, instead of preventing the problem all together.

Frances said...

I love seeing other people's face care posts! Your foundation looks amazing, I always have trouble finding one that gives coverage I like without getting shiny. And you do the brush application! I'm so curious about that, I've always been a blop & smear sort, myself.
I used to have pretty bad acne, too, but I found that it cleared up a lot when I stopped putting as much on my face to clean it! I went from exfoliating scrub + acid treatment to using cold cream as my makeup remover and face wash with warm water and a light toweling off with a washcloth and my face has been so much happier. For me, all that exfoliating made my face produce more oil to protect itself, and a little moisturizing and babying got it to calm down a LOT!

Anonymous said...

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Anna Schafer said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

You look so lovely, Alexandra! I guess it’s because of your skincare regimen, and using the proper beauty products to keep your face clear and smooth. It would be such a shame if your skin would be marred by blemishes. Stay beautiful!

Glenn Lowe @ Knight and Sanders

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your skin care videos. This is good for everyone.

Megha said...

Great list for skin care

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Rija Ashal said...

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