Late Bloomer

December 24, 2014

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Merry Christmas, Folks! You know, there's a strange sort of irony in posting pictures with Autumn colored trees on Christmas eve- ha! Around here, the trees turn in December instead of in the Fall- they're sort of "late bloomers."

I've been waiting for just the right occasion to style this red plaid dress from We the Living Vintage. Christmas seemed liked the perfect excuse! There's something so classic about a plaid 1960s dress for the holidays. Ashley was a joy to work with- she has such a talent for finding great pieces to stock in her Etsy shop!

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I was super happy to find this watch at the thrift store. I've been searching high and low for a cute, thin banded watch with a small face. It seems that large, bulky watches are all the rage right now, and they just dwarf my wrists! Plus they are all ridiculously expensive, so $6 bucks was definitely a price worth paying! However, in usual Alex style, I forgot to check if it worked before I purchased it. I'll need to pick up a battery for it to find out- fingers crossed.

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One more thing! I filmed a new holiday makeup tutorial- be sure and stop by my YouTube channel to check it out! You can click here to view it.

IMG_8959 IMG_9068 IMG_9032 IMG_9046 IMG_9117 Collage IMG_9128
Tights: old
Necklace: gift
Shoes, coat & watch: thrifted
Hat: Forever 21 simular

Unknown said...

LOVE the dress! You look so adorable!
x Angela //

Bethany Carson said...

The fall colors are beautiful! Love the watch!

Unknown said...

Aw, I love the Christmas photos with the fall leaves! Gold counts as a Christmas color, right? Loved your video, that scotch tape idea is great.


The Boyer Sisters said...

Oh so chic! You are beyond adorable, Alex :)


Unknown said...

I really love your dress!

How to combine SEQUINS (not only for special occasions) on
lb-lc fashion blog

alivegurl said...

Alexandra, you look absolutely gorgeous! That dress looks like such a classic and such a keeper. Also, I may be quite late but I love how your hair looks now. It's absolutely suited for you, I think. Merry Christmas to you, my dear ♥

Anonymous said...

beautiful. I wish so much that our winter was more like autumn here!

Melanie Renee said...

Wow, I just stumbled upon your blog. Your blog is perfect. I love everything about it. It's so clean, simple, and your pictures are just wow. You're so pretty, too! Isn't ironic that I just watched yesterday's released movie, "Into the Woods" and your blog has the exact same title!

- Mel

Kate said...

The leaves are gorgeous, and so are you, of course! :)

Beautifully layered yet simple outfit. Classic. Fall is my favorite time of year, so I'm a little envious of all of that foliage you're enjoying right now.

Unknown said...

We get fall colors really late here too but not quite this late! I love how the yellow trees look contrasted with your pretty red plaid dress. This is such a classic look. You look gorgeous!

Jamie |

ann said...
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The Hart Farm said...

Love the dress... I'm obsessed with plaid. I love the color of the leaves, makes me miss Ohio. Where you been hidding at girl... I see you haven't posted in awhile... hope you're alright.

Alexandra Marie said...

@Taylor Hart Thanks so much! Hmm--- I wonder, perhaps you haven't been on my home page? I missed a couple of weeks in January, but have been posting every week as usual :)

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