A Fail-Safe

September 10, 2014

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I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but as a blogger I've realized that I have a fail-safe location- one place that I can almost always fall back on when I need a pretty spot for outfit pictures, and fast. For me, it's my local park. I think I've shot photos here 6 times or so in the past. For one thing it's close to home, and for another, it's green! Summer has been lingering here in Cali- September has been ridiculously hot- yuck... how about all of you? What's the weather been like lately?

I decided to keep things pretty simple for today's outfit, and let the dress be the statement piece. There's nothing like a vintage, floral dress for Summer! This 50s piece is from Dane Vintage, an Etsy shop I've had my eye on for some time now. If you decide to stop by, you will know why (poet and I didn't know it ;). Bunches and bunches of gorgeous vintage pieces- can you imagine how many amazing photo-shoots could be inspired from all of that loveliness?

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As lovely as it would be to lay in the grass and read up on etiquette, my days have been filled to the brim with rather different activities as of late. School started up- which means busy, busy, busy. In a good way of course, but it seems any moment I get to kick back and relax is precious. At least I can imitate a chill, laid back lifestyle in my photographs ;)

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Dress: Dane Vintage
Shoes: Payless
Hat: Forever 21
Necklace: gift

Kayla said...

Beautiful as always! Love the dress x

Harlow Darling said...

It's always good to have a fail safe location where you know the lighting will always be just right - so important! This is such a lovely dainty dress and I love the boater hat :)

Nora said...

Such lovely photos!!! That picture of you being so tiny with the tree on the background? Fantastic - turn it to black and white and voila you're a vintage poster perfection!

Bethany Carson said...

Lovely dress! The color and print is beautiful, and you look stunning!

Unknown said...

absolutely dreamy~ ...your blog is nearly as GORGEOUS as you!....

Thank you again Alexandra for inviting Dane Vintage into your pretty world. I can't wait to share with you photographs of all the lovely new dresses I've purchased. d. :)

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Your vintage-inspired outfits are so so so lovely!!
Sincerely, Sara

Miranda said...

Beautiful! I love the little crossed detail on the top. I use the same location a lot too - it takes time to find new ones!

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CBoyer said...

Such a gorgeous dress! You have such effortless style.

the Middle Sister and Singer

diane said...

I am loving that rose print and the details on that bodice are to die for! I really must try to replicate them! Love it!

Unknown said...

Ughh omg your photos are always so unbelievable! <3


Kristian said...

1) That dress is lovely and the hat so perfectly compliments it.

2) Oh! That book- I also love reading etiquette books, though once as a child I took more than one slice of bread (or roll or whatever) before the meal and then didn't finish up my main course. As a punishment, I was forced to read a book on manners!

3) We definitley have a "fail safe" place. To be honest, it is almost a default to go to anymore... Love your fail safe location. Very pretty photos.

Stephanie said...

Beautiful you and beautiful dress! Have a blessed day! Hugs

Eve said...

just discovered your blog through Pinterest, beautiful ! I love your style !

all the best :-)


Syd said...

Stunning as always! Love the detail on your dress! You are like sunshine on a dull smoky day!!

Mary said...

I just love all your pictures, they are always so beautiful!

MizzJ said...

These photos are beautiful! You've perfectly captured the essence of summer here. Nature always makes the best backdrops for photos :)

Unknown said...

It's good to have some go-to spots! Sometimes you don't want to have to think about the location too much anyway. I think this park is an awesome backdrop to your gorgeous outfits. This dress is super pretty on you and I love your hat too!

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