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August 13, 2014

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Well, this would make my second outfit post from MN! If you didn't catch my Minneapolis skyline shoot, click here to check it out! One of the things I was most excited about seeing on my trip was the Spoonbridge & Cherry by Claes Oldenburg. This is a sculpture I had studied about in school, so seeing it in person was incredibly exciting for me ( even if it is just a big old cherry on a spoon ;).

I thought a red and pink ensemble would be appropriate for my cherry spoon viewing :D This lovely 1950s dress was sent to me from Golden Pin Vintage. Golden Pin is one of those Etsy shops where you just can't help but fall in love with more than one piece. Most all of the garments in stock are from the 40's and 50's, which makes for a perfect vintage hub, in my humble opinion ;)

IMG_7191 IMG_7382 IMG_7228 IMG_7289 IMG_7321 IMG_7396 IMG_7467

Good news! I passed my driving test ( holy hallelujah)! Thankfully everything went super well, and I am officially a licensed driver- woot woot!

IMG_7685 IMG_7576b IMG_7882 Collagemn IMG_7750
Dress: c/o Golden Pin Vintage
Belt: H&M
Scarf: vintage
Necklace: A Pocket of Whimsy
Ring: discount
Shoes: Frenchie York
Earrings: Scrap Cat
Unknown said...

What an awesome sculpture! It's adorable and so is your outfit. This dress is such a perfect dress for summer. I love the pink and red combination going on in this outfit. These pictures turned out gorgeous too!

Jamie |

Nora said...

My goodness you are cute!

CGrace said...

I just found your blog and I've been so enjoying reading through all your back posts.

This is such a fabulous outfit! It's time someone overcame the whole, "But you CAN"T wear pink and red together!". I was just wearing a similar outfit the other day-a vintage pink gingham dress that has these fantastic pockets with red ironed-on flowers on them and a red scarf in my hair. I must say, I think it looked pretty great :)

Another color combo that I think looks fabulous is pink and burgundy. Yum!

CiCi said...

Another very pretty, girly outfit - lovely :) I think I said before that I love the pink and red combination and it inspired me to try it for myself... then I realised I basically don't own any pink clothes as I've found them so hard to pair with things!

CC x

Hannah Barta said...

I LOVE your shoes :)

dance a real

Claire Petersen said...

Aw, would ya look at that cute cherries ring?! Adorable! :)

Lovely photography and great post in general!

Technicolour Dreamer

Unknown said...

You gorgeous vision, you!


Unknown said...

Those shoes, though!
You are so gorgeous, girl!

Paige said...

Oooh, this is a sweet dress! :) What a superb outfit to wear when viewing...well, a giant cherry on a spoon!

Sammi said...

Ooooh that dress! And I have a similar belt, but in yellow! So cute.

xox Sammi

Harlow Darling said...

What an amazing piece of installation art! This dress looks like something one would wear to a diner for milkshakes so it looks perfect alongside the cherry sculpture :)

diane said...

I must add "Cherry Sculpture in MN" to my bucket list and wear my vintage cherry print dress! I love this post. The reds are perfectly coordinated and you look beautiful!

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

Awww this outfit is both cute and location perfection! :) I love that you are having so much fun in these pictures. Oh! and congratulations on your driving license!

Damaris | The cat, you and us

Georgiana said...

Well thi statue is fantastic! I heard about it here on your blog for the first time (well, I´m from Europe) and would love to visit the place immediately. I like how you used the cherry colour on your dress in this photoshoot.

Kirsten said...

Your outfits are always so spot on! The dress with the bow and your hair is just adorable, Do you just put it in curlers then brush it out? And your outfit with the cherry sculpture makes for great photos! Congrats on passing!

Kristian said...

Ah! I love that dress- the color and pattern and that full, fully skirt!

The sculpture is so fun :)

Syd said...

Lovely cherry reds! Look wonderful with your dark hair! Love the shoes!!

Amy said...

Hello sweet sugary!

You look beautiful, your dress is the perfect outfit for the scenery around you. Very whimsical and feminine!

lisa said...

This outfit is so darling and you definitely picked the perfect place for the photoshoot- that sculpture couldn't have been more fitting!

Bethany Carson said...

The classic outfit goes very nicely with the cherry! Just wondering...what kind of camera is used for your outfit shots?

Alexandra Marie said...

@Bethany Carson A Canon T3i with a 50 mm 1.4 lens (highly recommend)!

Bethany Carson said...

Thanks! It really takes great shots!

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures! That spoon and cherry is so cool. What a fab place for a photo shoot!

Katie <3

The Hart Farm said...

You couldn't have planned this any better! How perfect this photo shoot is!!! I love those redf shoes girlie!!!

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