One of Those Days

August 27, 2014

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I must say, it's been lovely to get back into the swing of things with California photo-shoots! This particular photo set was shot near where I grew up. It's amazing how much nostalgia my old home still holds for me all these years later. 

On a less lovely note, have any of you ever had one of those days where your photo session goes wacky in every way? It has been sunny the entire day, but in this one area where I wanted to shoot pictures it was overcast, and SO ridiculously windy. And to top it off, my brain was all foggy- some days thinking of photo composition and poses can be too much for my pre-occupied little head to handle- haha! 

This is one of my new favorite dresses, I think. I feel like in my every day life I have been wearing casual clothes a lot more than usual due to the Summer heat, so getting back into a girly, vintage dress always helps to re-inspire ;) This lovely piece is from Etsy shop, Little French Dress. This shop has such a pretty aesthetic- as feminine and pretty as the dress itself! I am excited to style this as a fall transitional piece when the weather starts to simmer down a bit :)

IMG_0379 IMG_0395 IMG_0443 Aug IMG_0658 IMG_0522 Collage

Anyone catch the fact that my hair is officially long enough for a little beehive hairdo? I am so happy to have it at a length where I can do things with it again. I don't think I realized how much I missed the versatility of a little length.

IMG_0567 IMG_0706 IMG_0702 IMG_0722 IMG_0761 IMG_0812 IMG_0836n IMG_0838
Shoes: Shoe Buy
Necklace: gift
Sunglasses: Minnesota

Adventure is Out There

August 20, 2014

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While I was in MN, I thought it would be fun to snap some shots on a little hike we went on along the St. Croix river. Very green in comparison with Cali, and a whole lot more bugs, but that's the great outdoors for you, right? This isn't exactly a "fashionable" outfit post, but I thought I would let the surroundings shine today- isn't it beautiful there!?

Hiking is one of my absolute favorite outdoor activities. I've loved to hike ever since I was little- it's hard to explain, I think nature really just speaks to me- so much beauty. It's such an image of God's peace and love.

With that said, this wraps up the MN posts- next week, we're back to pictures in Cali!

IMG_6455 IMG_6104 Jul
IMG_6378 IMG_6418 IMG_6240
Julcol IMG_6229 IMG_6091 IMG_6084 IMG_6350
Top & shorts: thrifted
Tank: hand-me-down
Shoes: Payless

Into the Woods // Mira

August 16, 2014

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 I have some pretty exciting news! I am officially a style expert for MIRA! Mira is a new and upcoming fashion app for anyone who is wanting to get some fashion advice from a fashion blogger. Best of all? It's free! If any of you are interested in asking me your fashion-related questions, drop me a comment or shoot me an email and I will get you set up! You can also watch the quick video below for more information :)


Life in Sculptures

August 13, 2014

IMG_7113 IMG_7069 IMG_7345

Well, this would make my second outfit post from MN! If you didn't catch my Minneapolis skyline shoot, click here to check it out! One of the things I was most excited about seeing on my trip was the Spoonbridge & Cherry by Claes Oldenburg. This is a sculpture I had studied about in school, so seeing it in person was incredibly exciting for me ( even if it is just a big old cherry on a spoon ;).

I thought a red and pink ensemble would be appropriate for my cherry spoon viewing :D This lovely 1950s dress was sent to me from Golden Pin Vintage. Golden Pin is one of those Etsy shops where you just can't help but fall in love with more than one piece. Most all of the garments in stock are from the 40's and 50's, which makes for a perfect vintage hub, in my humble opinion ;)

IMG_7191 IMG_7382 IMG_7228 IMG_7289 IMG_7321 IMG_7396 IMG_7467

Good news! I passed my driving test ( holy hallelujah)! Thankfully everything went super well, and I am officially a licensed driver- woot woot!

IMG_7685 IMG_7576b IMG_7882 Collagemn IMG_7750
Dress: c/o Golden Pin Vintage
Belt: H&M
Scarf: vintage
Necklace: A Pocket of Whimsy
Ring: discount
Shoes: Frenchie York
Earrings: Scrap Cat

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