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July 30, 2014

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Well, today I am flying back to California! I am so excited to share more about my adventures here in Minnesota with all of you! But first, I think some settling back in is in order :) On a completely separate note, I am taking my long overdue driving test tomorrow- I only get one chance before my permit expires, so fingers crossed-eee!!

This cute little 1950s Summer dress is from Alicks & Raflin. I am obsessed with this Etsy shop- oh my goodness! So many amazing vintage pieces! This dress is so comfy and cute for the warm weather- plus it's pink, which I believe, speaks for itself ;)


I never fail to fall head over heels for A Pocket of Whimsy. Every piece of jewelry is purely amazing. This Etsy shop is one of my absolute favorites of all time. One of the things I love about this piece, is that it's brass color allows it to match well with any outfit- the versatility is wonderful! And, as always, I must compliment Alexis on her adorable packaging- some of you may have seen my Instagram post- way too cute right?

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Can I just say, it's been much too long since I've worn a pair of cute, new shoes on the blog? My shoe size makes it difficult to find different pairs, so I always end up wearing the same cognac and black flats from Payless. I have been longing for a pair of red shoes for some time now, and these lovelies from Frenchie York are just so adorable! What I love is that they are customizable by size, heel height and color- win, win! And I can't forget to mention they are real leather, which is always a nice change from synthetics.

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Dress: c/o Alicks & Raflin
Headband: SG Art & Fashion
Cardigan: Papaya
Necklace: c/o A Pocket of Whimsy
Shoes: c/o Frenchie York
Earrings: Scrap Cat
Bag: vintage
Nora said...

Adorable as always - but wow those shoes are indeed super cute! Glad to know they're comfortable too! I don't usually have any problem with size but most of the time shoes give me blisters (maybe problem with my thin skin or something ahaha) so I'm always on the hunt for more beautiful and comfortable shoes!

Bethany Carson said...

Lovely shoes! Real leather is so awesome and so useful! Looking forward to the tale of your adventures in MN!

CiCi said...

Customisable shoes? That is the best thing I've ever heard... although what's the chances they're available for those of us in the UK... I love the strong red and pale pink together in this outfit, by the way - I've been thinking of pairing these colours lately and now you've convinced me :) CC x

Sammi said...

The red and pink together is so darling! You look adorable. Best of luck on your driving test!

xox Sammi

CBoyer said...

Very cute Alexandra! those shoes are so adorable, and I have to agree with you on A Pocket of Whimsy! Alexis' items are too cute and lovely for words.

Have a good trip home!

the Middle Sister and Singer

Alexandra Marie said...

@CiCi They do ship to the UK! Win, win right? <3

Anonymous said...

Sweet outfit, and it's fun to see my headband again:) What? were in Minnesota?!...I live in Minnesota...would have loved to have met you! If you come here again, let me know:)

Sharon Gudding said...

Oops...I should have identified myself better above, I'm Sharon Gudding, SGArtandFashion (don't remember my Google password:)

Kristian said...

Good luck with your driving test! You look great in this red number. :)

Crissy said...

Those shoes are amazing! The price is really good for something handmade too.

Good luck on your driving test!!

Hannah Barta said...

SO gorgeous, Alex! I love your style, and every accessory complemented your beautiful dress perfectly, from the red clutch to the red cardigan to those ah-mazing shoes!

dance a real

Angela said...

You're always so put together and adorable! Those shoes are especially amazing, they look so comfortable!

Miranda said...

Such a pretty necklace! I like the new shoes, too :)

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Unknown said...

I could definitely see this outfit worn again for Valentine's Day ;) I'm such a sucker for mixing pink and red! Love how you styled the colors! The necklace is adorable, by the way.

Daydream Frenzy

Unknown said...

love it!

Mrs. L said...

Aww love this look and the headscarf is lovely! you look beautiful!
followed you on GFC, hope you can follow back ;)


Samantha said...

I am totally drooling over your shoes! And you look lovely as always in your retro ensemble!

Paige said...

Your new shoes are darling, and they look great with your cute outfit! :D I'm glad you found them.
Hope your driver's test went well. I just got my license, but first I ended up renewing my permit once before I was ready. :)

Unknown said...

I love those shoes--so awesome that they're customizable!

Unknown said...

I love this look!! Thank you so much Alex for using ScrapCati polka dots earrings looks awesome <3 <3

Anonymous said...

always so charming looking!!!

Unknown said...

I love the colors in your outfit :) Good luck on your drivers test!

Unknown said...

These are such a great pair of shoes! They look so comfortable and perfect!

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Syd said...

You look wonderful as always Alexandra! What an inspiration you are! Keep up the good work! I always look forward to your postings!

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