Fairest of the Fair

July 23, 2014

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I'm going to give your girls a fair warning here- cotton candy as a photo prop- not as lovely during the shoot as it is to eat :-p Let's be honest, photos take time, especially in a populated area with photo bombers (ahem- yes, personal experience haha). And cotton candy, I have discovered, loves to drip and melt all over the place and diminish in size substantially by the end of the shoot. First picture- huge, ginormous puff of candy- every other picture- not quite so ginormous and puffy. So, if you were about to look through these and think, "Wow, did that cotton candy shrink?" your observations will now be affirmed :)

IMG_4219 IMG_4180
IMG_9078 IMG_4007b IMG_4160 IMG_3971
IMG_4217 IMG_4324 IMG_4348 IMG_4332

I would venture to say that this will be the funnest part of this post. I put together this little video for your gals. Press play, and get ready with me for the county fair! If you haven't already, be sure and subscribe to me on YouTube to keep up with all of my videos!

Blouse: vintage
Shorts: thrifted
Nylon Scarf: vintage
Earrings: c/o Scrap Cat
Shoes: Payless
Unknown said...

Beautiful photos - really captured the mood and I ADORE your hair :o) Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

Damaris // The cat, you and us said...

Beautiful pics and outfit, and the cotton candy is a fun addition (although a little tricky ;P) Love the bag, is it big & sturdy enough for a dslr, cant it hold something else besides the camera? Btw, so fun to see your getting ready video :)

Damaris | The cat, you and us

Anonymous said...

That blouse is simply delightful!

Sammi said...

So beautiful (I always love carnival photos!). And the video was super fun! I admire you for going right in with liquid liner (I always line mine with pencil first and then go over it with liquid)! The blouse is perfect for a fair. :)

xox Sammi

Kristian said...

You're too darling here! The hair makes it.

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

I never really get cotton candy because of that reason. It gets SO sticky and messy! I like the bagged kind because at least you don't have to eat it all at once and you can shield yourself from the stick..lol. I think my favorite fair foods are fried dough and candy apples, though! :)

By the way, this is a perfect outfit for the fair! Casual, comfy, and pastel to match the cotton candy. :)

Marie said...

beautifully styled! love the scarf tie and the candy colors- sorry about the actual ice of the candy!
Marie @ In Our Happy Place

Syd said...

Alex, I love how you got the colors to match the cotton candy! Great video! And your hair looks great! Your videos are such fun!

Helen Mae said...

Super cute photos and I love the pastel colours in your blouse.

CBoyer said...

Adorable as usual :) Oh, and your comment about the cotton candy was hilarious! I didn't even notice until you said something ;)


Paige Rhianne said...

AHH MY GOD!! Such beautiful photos!!! WOW you gorgeous girl! Also love the bit about the candy floss! x

Miranda said...

Oh I love the pastel stripes! Cute video, too. Looks like fun! Haha I like the illegal jumping picture :)

Little Gold Pocket Watch

Unknown said...

You know how to dress for a carnival, that's for sure! You look so beautiful, and I think this is my favourite hairstyle on you - so voluminous and fun :)
Your videos keep getting better and better, too!
Keep well!

Rosi Rodriguez said...

Great post!! I loved your camera bag so much, I ordered one and it got here today!! I had been searching for one for so long, & I this one is so perfect :) Thanks for the recommendation :)

Catherine said...

I love your blog ♥
Cute photos!
I following your blog!
Welcome to my blog:

Unknown said...

Pretty sure I just went through all of your outfit posts this morning!

I love your blog!

Unknown said...

I love fairs! And your fair outfit is adorable :)

Unknown said...

Fantastic!! Fun and so beautiful <3
Amazing video too, you're a pro!!
Thank You so much Alexandra <3

Crissy said...

You look so pretty! Makes me want to go to a fair and take photos :D I really loved your video.. the little details are awesome.

Anonymous said...

My mom had a blouse just like this in the 1980's that I used to love! She wore shorts similar to it too but longer. Hi Mom!! Okay okay. . .you're not my mom at all, but it was pretty awesome to see a similar outfit to what I've seen her wear shown on a blog. Gorgeous photos. you do the best!

Unknown said...

AMAZING photos!!!! I love it!! I also followed you on Bloglovin and GFC! I would love it if you would follow back on GFC!!

CGrace said...

What a lovely post! I'm having fun reading through the archives and just had to comment on this post. I love your shorts! They're making me want to go make a thrift store run.

CGrace said...
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