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May 28, 2014

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Hello, Lovelies! This may arguably be one of my most exciting posts this year, thus far. Some of you may have seen my social media mention of some big news. Well, to me it is anyways- I'm not getting engaged anytime soon, I didn't get a new job- we'll just cross off the norm questions and get to the point. 

I designed this dress! This Spring I have been working with Melissa Mason of The Frock Closet to produce a piece from one of my sketches. Melissa did such an insanely incredible job of making my vision come to life. She literally looked at my sketch and made the dress look exactly like my drawing- she's uh-mazing <3 On top of it all, her seamstress work turned out impeccable- there is such a wonderful attention to detail here. Every seam is finished, and my grandma remarked that the hem was perfectly even. 

The fabric we used is a lovely, pink floral cotton from A Garden of Roses. I spent several hours searching for the perfect material and after landing on this one, knew it was perfect! If you are looking to do a sewing project and need unique, fabulous quality fabrics, A Garden of Roses is really a great place to check out. I had an amazing customer service experience and highly recommend them. For the trim on the dress, Melissa found this stunning fuchsia pink silk.

If you love this dress as much as Melissa and I do, you can order it from her shop! Best part? You can pick your own fabrics for a custom version!

IMG_9547 IMG_9938 IMG_9702

Michelle of Michy Lou handmade this belt to match this dress- can you believe she did such a perfect job just from looking at a picture!? I love it because it has such a classic 1950s look- it makes such a perfect addition to the dress.

IMG_9710b IMG_9845 IMG_9757

This clutch is another amazing piece from Lost in Time Inc. There is always such quality in Sherry's work- from the inside of the handbag to the details on the outside- utter perfection. It is made from gorgeous silk dupioni, and can be made in several different colors for special events.

IMG_9656 IMG_0188 IMG_9329 IMG_9309 IMG_0011 IMG_0184 IMG_9480 IMG_9460 Collage IMG_0180 IMG_0132 IMG_0128 IMG_0105 IMG_0077
Belt & Earrings: c/o Michy Lou
Gloves: vintage
Clutch: c/o Lost in Time Inc
Hair Clip: c/o Annadorables

If you girls didn't get the chance already, be sure and watch my latest makeup tutorial! I did a Spring to Summer look so now is the time to try experimenting! You can view it here.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both, the dress is absolutely stunning! <3


Hannah Barta said...

Oooh, how exciting for you, Alex! I love that dress, and the photoshoot is brilliant as always :)


The Hearabouts said...

The dress is absolutely perfect, great job!

The Hearabouts

CBoyer said...

What a positively ADORABLE dress! What a neat opportunity too!

the Middle Sister and Singer

Sammi said...

This dress is gorgeous and how exciting!!! I need to go check out her shop now. Job well done, my dear!

xox Sammi

Katie @ Loverly She said...

Absolutely wonderful, as usual! beautiful pictures. do you do your own photography?

Ma Cherie D said...

Dress is adorable! Love it, and if I m on your place I would be so proud :)

Delvalina said...

I still need more to learn Alex - and you are one who inspires me to get stareted to sewing. I wish someday I could coloborate with you.

Many blessing to you sister!
get to see your tutorial.


CBoyer said...

Simply amazing that your dream came true! Such a gorgeous dress. You look absolutely stunning (like, just stepped out of a 1950s Harpers Bazaar stunning) in it!


Kati said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic job she did! You two should start a whole collection together! :-)


Mina Rachelle said...

It's beautiful, you design such pretty dresses! And Melissa did a great sewing job, it looks better than storebought clothing!I hope we get to see more of your designs in the future :)

Unknown said...

WOW! Alex, what an incredible opportunity! Your design is GORGEOUS!
So you, and so classic.
I bet it feels so surreal to wear a dress you dreamed up on paper!
My heart is so full of happiness for you!

Purple said...

Wow this is amazing. Congrats on such an awesome experience and lovely dress <3

Louisa said...

So lovely vintage look! Would you like to follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin & Google+? If interested, please let me know.


Rachel said...

Whoa, that's seriously exciting, girl! I know I would love an opportunity like that. How awesome to get to wear a dress you designed!

brittneydods said...

That is so amazing!!!!!!!!! Love the dress <3

diane said...

Perfection right down to the coordinating earrings. You never miss a detail! Congratulations!!That dress is a treasure to cherish and you wear it like it was made for you! (ha ha :)

Unknown said...

fab! lovely vintage dress

Kristian said...

Oh, wow. What an amazing, lovely dress. So impressed b this collaboration.

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news, and so exciting! Congratulations! Your dress is smashing.

Paulina said...

That is a wonderfully designed dress!
I especially love the last photo of look like a vibrant, beautiful lady. : )

The Hart Farm said...

Just gorgeous darling! You look so delicate and soft in these images. So beautiful!

Katie said...

Beautiful pictures and huge congratulations on the dress! What an incredible thing to have accomplished! I have to say, the setting for the images is exquisite too!

Katie <3

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Gorgeous dress, Alex! That's so amazing that your design was brought to life! And I love that she is from New Zealand. :) So pretty!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE make a makeup tutorial on a prom look! Maybe a smokey eye? ur so incredible at makeup! ~Lindsay

Eccentric Owl said...

How exciting! That dress is SO pretty and classic, and the fabric is perfect, and it looks wonderful on you! I love your hairpiece, too. Gorgeous! You are always so stunning.

Anonymous said...

YES! I love Lindsay's idea!! I would love a tutorial for makeup!! Maybe something with dramatic eyeliner? LOVE THIS DRESS BTW! I WANT ONE!! ~~~Cheers~~~~ Aurora

Vicki said...

That dress is stunning! Lovely photos as well. :)

decked out in ruffles

Crissy said...

How amazing!!! It is such a beautiful design/dress <3

Elizabeth Sara said...

You are a wonderful designer! It's easily one of my favorite outfits from here (and that's saying a lot, because all of your outfits are gorgeous).

Ms. Falcon said...

beautiful pictures! wow. you look stunning!

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