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May 14, 2014

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Happy (early) Wednesday! As I write this, it is 12:30 am here- this is what happens when I forget to write up my posts until hours before they are supposed to go live- ahhhhh!!!!! Now if only I can keep my eyes open long enough to write this ;)

I had some fun mixing pieces from different eras to create a 1920s look this week. This darling sweater is from an insanely amazing Etsy shop called, Roselein Rarities. This is one of those Etsy shops that you just can't get enough of- there is always a plethora of gorgeous things in stock- can you say kid in a candy store? This sweater is actually a 1950s piece- I adore the details- from the sweet collar to the darling ribbon bow.

IMG_9036 IMG_8983 IMG_9062 IMG_8949 IMG_8872 IMG_9199 Collagebb IMG_9255 IMG_9214 IMG_9219 IMG_9249 IMG_9324 IMG_9344 IMG_9389b

Deanna of Keep Drawer sent me this darling little beaded purse as a gift a few months back- from the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew it would have to make it's way into one of my shoots ;)

On a completely random note- I will have a makeup tutorial coming your way within the next two weeks! Don't worry- I made this vlog half the amount of time as the first one, and I figured out some ways to really improve my filming.

IMG_9415 IMG_9438 IMG_9485 IMG_9504
Sweater: c/o Roselein Rarities
Shoes: ebay
Scarf: gift
Necklace: thrifted
Purse: Keep Drawer
Unknown said...

Lovely look as usual, but it's the purse that catches my eye - gorgeous! :o) Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

Rachel said...

So beautiful!! 20s fashion is a little bit of a different look for you, I think, but you look lovely!

Unknown said...

That purse is beautiful, and you look gorgeous!

The Shashaguay Sisters said...

Hi Alex!
This may be my favorite outfit yet this year! Just because it fits my modesty standards and I absolutely love headscarves!

That bag is so darling!


for the Shag Girls

diane said...

I'm loving that sweater! You have such a flair for putting unexpected things together and it always works on you! Who gets credit for the camera---mom or sis? Perfection, as usual!

Sammi said...

Gorgeous as always, and this skirt is a dream on you!

xox Sammi

Delvalina said...

Dear Alex,

I love this post especially for the place that you chose. I also love how you paired the beautiful green with brown. It turn so perfect.

My favorite picture is the last picture.. that picture has a deep thoughts.

Thank for sharing.

CBoyer said...

I'm going to fly over to So Cal right this minute to steal that sweater right out of your closet. It's just much to perfect, as you are :)

Oh, and I had a dream the other night that you came over to our house and that you and I hit it right off with photography and photo editing. It was awesome ;)


Evelyn said...

Ahhh! I LOVE your heeled oxfords! I adore oxfords so much, they are my life. :) Love the whole outfit, so cute!

Unknown said...


Hannah Wilkinson said...

Wow, simply stunning, like something out of an old Hollywood movie! I love the black and white images, and I envy your perfect red lips! Fabulous as always.

Anonymous said...

This is such a stunning post. Lovely outfit (especially your shoes), fantastic pictures, and such a fun location!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog and I can't get enough of your gorgeous photos and outfits! Your wear vintage perfectly - this ensemble is no exception. Just adorable. ^.^

Tina C. said...

I just realized why some of your photos look so familiar. I live in San Diego - weekend trips to the places you take pictures have been a part of my life since I was very little. :)

another gorgeous shoot, and again inspiring me to find a pair of brown oxfords.

Alexandra Marie said...

@tina That's so neat!

Connie said...

Love the 20s look. It suits you so well! Stunning pictures as well :)
xo, Connie

Kristian said...

You look gorgeous- and it is so interesting to me how you make 1950s things look 20s and sort of...timeless too.

Jennifer Rainey said...

You look beautiful as always! I love that skirt--such a vibrant color!


Miss Marie said...

Lovely outfit and great colour combination. Reminding me of coffee and pistachio macarons!

Jenna Leigh said...

love it! <3

alisialynn said...

stunning! love your classic style as photos to match!


Unknown said...

I love the different decade you've chosen this time! Looks good on you!

Alexandra Dove said...

Such a lovely outfit! This kind of vintage style really suits you and your figure <3

Карина said...

Amazing photos, dear! Love your styl and follow your blog!) I'll be happy, if you follow me <3
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POONGIE said...

you're gorgeous >///<
Love your look, I love this vintage style :3

you may visit to my blog^^'' it's about doll and hobby just for entertain. it'll be many of beautiful pretty doll photo^^

Sarah said...

Love your outfit; such a pretty color combo! Love your vintage style!

Georgiana said...

Wow, the purse is breathtaking! A true work of art.

Unknown said...

I'm pretty much in love with how you wore this scarf. I wonder if I can pull off tying one like that with my short hair... It looks so cute on you! I love the color of your skirt here too. Great look!

Anonymous said...

You own so many beautiful clothes. I could only dream of that because I can't even make fashion posts anymore because all the dresses I have owned have ripped or I wear them so much they have holes in them or I just haven't the finances for any clothes. I miss dressing up and looking pretty on my blog and used to do outfit posts so regularly (about once a week). I am a little envious of your ability to do so.
Amazing photos and I love the colors on this outfit!!

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