Soiree at Gatsby's

May 21, 2014

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Morning, Sunshines! I hope your week has been magical <3 Today I'm bring you all another 1920's themed outfit ( promise, I still LOVE the 50s- just wanting to shake things up a bit ;) Speaking of which, I finally got my hands on a copy of  The Great Gatsby- Summer reading, here I come!

This lovely dress is another piece from The House of Recollections collection- Thongbai surprised me with this little dress along with the yellow frock I styled a bit ago. It is so beautiful- I knew it needed the full flapper ensemble to really show it's Gatsby-ness :)

IMG_8817 IMG_8813 IMG_8734

What glamorous flapper look is complete without a feather headband dripping with crystals? This beautiful headpiece is from Brides Boutik. I think this would be so pretty for a 20's themed party, or even a wedding. 

IMG_8684 IMG_8947 IMG_8374 IMG_8451 Collage IMG_8720 IMG_8847 IMG_8975 IMG_9024 IMG_9032 IMG_9065
Headpiece: c/o Brides Boutik
Shoes: Shoe Buy
Pearls: thrifted
Necklace: great grandmother's
Earrings: c/o Cherry Hills Bridal
Kailey said...

Ahh your pictures are absolutely breathtaking! xo

Jennifer Rainey said...

I personally think the '20s suit you very well, and I love this particular look on you! Very nice, cheerful color palette. :)


Kristian said...

Dreamy attire- and I really don't think I've seen anyone who pulls off the hairbands like that as well as you do!

Katie said...

This look is stunning. I love how you're totally in character with the 20's vibes! The black and whites are exceptional!

Katie <3

diane said...

Head to toe gorgeous! I LOVE your hair in this amazing post! Someone invent a slew of new adjectives for me cause my vocabulary can't do justice to this photo shoot!

Unknown said...

What a stunning post, Alex! You are a true beauty :)
I hope the rest of your week is absolutely magical!

Unknown said...

Everything is so amazing!

Unknown said...

So fancy! Great photos, too!


Mina Rachelle said...

So pretty, I love the 1920's!

Purple said...

So stunning! As much as I love your 50's looks, I think there's definitely a lack of 1920's goodness in the blogosphere, so I'm totally in support of these lovely posts <3

Unknown said...


Hannah Barta said...

Oh, it's so pretty and you're so pretty!

I have wondered . . . have you ever gotten stared at/been scoffed at for wearing vintage outfits a lot? How have you dealt with that--and had the courage to keep wearing them?


Alexandra Marie said...

@hannah barta Aw, thank you! It's interesting you should ask. I think I get compliments more than anything- but yes, lots of stares haha! And I have some friends and family who aren't a fan of how I do my makeup- especially my bright lipstick. I think it definitely takes a lot of confidence to wear full on vintage, but honestly that's what I love the most. It's the way I express myself, and if that's who I am then I don't care if the rest of the world doesn't like it ( as long as it doesn't hurt anything,and as long as it's modest ;)

Unknown said...

Love, love, love that dress!
I so enjoy your photos! They transport me to a past time and give such inspiration!

Hannah Wilkinson said...

Amazing! That dress, those shoes and that headpiece.....everything is perfect!

Unknown said...

Yay, another 20s look! You'll have fun reading The Great Gatsby--it's an awesome book!

Jeans and a Teacup said...

Super cute outfit! I'm going to a 20's themed wedding soon and this look would be perfect!
Jeans and a Teacup

Jenna Leigh said...

so cute, how ever did you find a gorgeous location like that? he-he <3

Katie Aman said...

I absolutely adore the 1920's. I don't wear a lot of that decade because, honestly there isn't a lot of it left out there! I wish I could find more 20's inspired clothing out there! This dress is so light and free and what a gorgeous print for spring/summer! I love how complete you are with your looks-not just using one or two items, but styling it with the right jewelry/bag, headpiece-you amaze me every time! Beautiful :)
And your grandmother's necklace is the most astoundingly gorgeous piece. How lucky are you to possess that? :)

Ali Hval said...

Aauuugh, I will never get over your beautiful styling, my lady! Red lipstick always looks absolutely dashing on you. Absolutely!

I love the greenery in these photos and that delicate beaded purse is just the perfect touch. I hope your weekend is utterly full of magical things!

Paris said...

Darling outfit. Love the feathers and classic red lip.

Peace, Love, & Good Chocolate,

instagram: @CharcoalAlley

Sophie Catherine said...

You are so pretty! I love 1920s fashion too. Have you watched Midnight in Paris? The costumes in the film are breath-taking.

Sara said...

Beautiful pictures!

I am following you now on gfc, would you like to follow me back so we can stay in touch?

Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

Amazing!! I love everything!! Your make up is so lovely!
Sincerely, Sara

jana said...

I thought you were the queen of '50s looks. I swear, you could've been pulled straight out of that era. And then you post these photos, and I could swear you were actually a flapper in the '20s.

Boheme.Fille said...

Wow, so beautiful! <3

peach said...

lovely photos :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach

Unknown said...

This whole outfit is just so gorgeous! I love all the pictures too. I'm definitely getting an awesome 20s vibe from this look. The headband looks awesome on you! The styling is perfect!

Samantha said...

Your outfit is absolutely stunning!!!! I love your makeup look:)

Can you take my pictures please;)

Putri Valentina said...

Beautiful bag and you look so unique :D


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