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April 30, 2014

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Morning, Dollies! Don't ask why I started writing way down here-  Blogger's going nuts on me and it won't let me write any higher than this point for some reason. Ah the joys of the tech world- haha!

This lovely frock is a handmade creation from Odds and Toes. Ann truly did such a lovely job on this pretty 50's style day dress. The cotton is super nice and light for Spring ( helps to survive these 90 degree days ;), and oh so pretty! 

IMG_7491 IMG_7547 IMG_7462

Is this not the neatest farm? Believe it or not, this is the place where they shot the race in the 2003 Seabiscuit movie! It is completely deserted- well that is to say, with the exception of one little dog. He barked a bit when we first arrived and later was content just to lay down from a distance and keep a watchful eye on us creepers- hehe ;)

IMG_7556b IMG_7524 IMG_7530
Dress: c/o Odds & Toes
Headband: SG Art & Fashion
Belt: H&M
Shoes: old
Earrings: Scrap Cati
Georgiana said...

Beautiful photos. The dress is perfect!

Bethany Carson said...

Love the (morning?) sunlight in your next to last photo. Lovely outfit!

Rachel said...

What a gorgeous dress!! I love your hair scarf, too!

Stephanie Lynn said...

How fun! Part of Seabiscuit was filmed where I grew up. :)

Kristian said...

Oh, that first picture is just magical! And I really like the bandana tied into your hair. A nice "crowning" touch, so to speak!

Sharon said...

Oooh...I love this dress and the whole outfit! Polka dots are so sweet, and you made my head scarf look so fun to wear! Thank you, and keep treating us with more of this sweet vintage-look eye candy!

Katie Aman said...

Oh, this IS such a beautiful location! I wish there were interesting spots around where I live like this-maybe I need to venture out more!
The red details of this ensemble are are certainly popping off of your background! That dress is the epitome of loveliness, I just adore that print.
Blogger was being cruddy for me last night too, must have been some glitches or something :)

CBoyer said...

Um, you look like you seriously just stepped off the set of "The Help". You are perfection! I literally decided to be 1950's inspired and pullout a headscarf and crinoline (ahem, my sister's ;) after I saw this outfit! Soooo perfect <3


Unknown said...

This is such an awesome photo shoot. I love how your outfit contrasts with the setting. And that dress is adorable.

Unknown said...

Fantastic Alexandra!! wonderful photography, wonderful place and the outfit is gorgeous <3 Congrats!

Delvalina said...

your blog has been my favorite - I'm just always speechless to your every post. Sometimes I dont know what to say to every post your posted then I just visited and smiling to see your pictures ( if I didnt leave comment doesnt mean I didnlt visit you) :)

Love your lashes and the details make up on your face. Thanks for always being an inspiration here.

your friend

Alexandra Marie said...

@Bethany Carson- thank you! Actually, it's late afternoon! We were running around like mad trying to make sure the sun didn't go down before we finished- haha!

Alexandra Marie said...

@Bethany Carson- thank you! Actually, it's late afternoon! We were running around like mad trying to make sure the sun didn't go down before we finished- haha!

Alexandra Marie said...

@katie aman So weird! Hopefully they'll fix whatever is up- lol

Alexandra Marie said...

@Delvalina Thank you so much! And no worries- I do the same thing- in fact the blogs I read most often I hardly ever comment on, so I'm right there with ya' girl!

Éowyn said...

Alexandra: You are the Queen of Fashion Perfection. The End. Seriously, I think this is one of my very favorite ensembles I have ever seen. :)

Lauricia Dawn said...

Ooooh!!! This is absolutely stunning! And I love the way you did your hair! It looks fabulous. Keep it up, Alexandra! (And I totally think you should have a WAYY bigger following....Just sayin', more people need to see you.)

Jennifer Rainey said...

Outstanding shoot! The contrast of the pristine and feminine dress against the rustic backdrop is just stunning. Also, I love your hair! So cute!


Anonymous said...

Abandoned places are the best... and so is that dress!

Anonymous said...

Alex, I have been relishing your darling blog for awhile now and am always inspired by your lush photography, lovely style, and sweet spirit! Do keep on!

Purple said...

Oh what a beautiful location. That dress is perrfect and I'm just always amazed with how gorgeous your photos are!

diane said...

Good thing I don't have to pick a favorite shot cause it would be impossible! Love the print, the pattern and your location is the envy of my daughter who is a photographer! Amazing post as always you beautiful girl!

Paige said...

Simply beautiful dress! And what a creative place for a photoshoot!

Hannah Barta said...

Wow--what a place to take your pictures, Alexandra! And I love the dress :)


Frances said...

What a gorgeous dress! You look lovely (as always) and the backdrop is so striking. I particularly love the afternoon sunlight and the pepper trees... there's tangible warmth in your photos, which looks awfully welcoming as I sit here at 45 degrees!

Unknown said...

Beautiful outfit! These photos are simply gorgeous, especially the laughing one :)

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

S. said...

thanks for your comment <3 just clicked on your blog and it's totally awesome, i love your style, photos, everything!

Unknown said...

these are stunning! you are beautiful. this makes me want to get back into photography!

Unknown said...


The location is so interesting...just a perfect counterpart to the pretty stuff!

My fave pic is the one where you are swinging the purse... : )

You look so stunning in red, totally one of my favorite colors that you wear.

Once again, the "Alexandra Effect" has managed to mesmerize and inspire! Sheer perfection : )


Emma said...

so uhm, seriously? this is the most perfect dress. It's got such a throwback feel and I loooove it.

Thanks for your sweet comment about my photography. To answer your question, I just use and iteration of VSCO filters that I've played around with. I haven't used Photoshop for my photos hardly at all the past few years. I'm a Lightroom kind of girl.

Anonymous said...

I am so thrilled I found your blog via the new giveaway, you're absolutely stunning and inspiring! <3 Definitely new enamored follower :)


Ma Cherie D said...

Every piece is perfect, but dress is magical! I can't stop looking at your photos!

Anonymous said...

These shots are so dreamy and amazing. You make me wish I had money for vintage clothes again like I once did so I can do stuff like this as I did about 4 years ago. Amazing. I love the colors!

Kristina @ Eccentric Owl said...

What pretty light in these photos!!! And I wouldn't have guessed that dress isn't vintage; it's so perfect. The floral pattern is gorgeous!
How cool that that's where they filmed some of Seabiscuit!!!

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