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January 22, 2014



Happy Wednesday Lovelies! It's sunny as ever here in So Cal- this entire week has been in the 70's and 80's! I am so grateful to have this little haven in the midst of Winter- it's so unusual, even for here, but I have no complaints. Winter weather is good for me in the few weeks prior to Christmas and then I'm content with the sunshine- haha!

Now that I'm done giving the weather forecast ( I realize I do that a lot ;), let's talk vintage. This dress is the first 1940's piece I have ever owned. It was sent to me, courtesy of Kodachrome Nostalgia. Oh my word, I seriously love this vintage hub- the items for sale are all so beautiful, and the shop's overall feel is so clean and professional. Right now I am loving their gorgeous coats and dresses, and this amazing straw hat from the 1950s- definitely take a moment to stop by and look- it's so much fun to browse these incredible pieces.





Let me just take a moment to say- I am in LOVE with Mac's Russian Red Lipstick. I have been searching for the perfect red for several years, and I have finally found it. The texture is perfect- it has a matte look, but the feel of a satin. And the color is pure genius- not to orange, not to blue and just the right balance of dark and bright. Definitely recommending this product!!



This adorable little hat/headband is from a lovely Etsy shop called Eye Heart Me. If you are vintage hat lover, than you know how tricky it is to find affordable vintage reproduction hats. This pretty little beret costs only $28 and comes in seven different colors! The detailing is so beautiful as well- I love the crystal brooch with the feather accents. I am wearing the beige. 


I am guest posting a DIY over at Eccentric Owl today, so if you are in a crafty mood, swing on by!

Shoes: Payless
Hat: c/o Eye Heart Me
Pearls: gift
Belt: Mrs. Pomeranz
Unknown said...

Beautiful dress and the hat is so cute on you :o) Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

bluehuewonderland said...

Lovely well paced grouping of pictures. The red berries are the perfect accent to this lovely navy dress. The lip and nail color pulls it all together in a complete circle of stylish wonder!

blue hue wonderland

Kristian said...

You look gorgeous in this- the 40s silhouette also works really well for you as the 50s one does. That hat is too cute; I'll have to check out the company.

JennOvey said...

Love, love, love the dress and the hat! I've always wanted to be able to wear vintage dresses, but I think I'd have to lose a LOT of weight first!

Hannah Wilkinson said...

Absolutely stunning photographs, you look like an old hollywood movie star!
So beautiful!

CBoyer said...

this outfit is gorgeousness itself! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!


The Braided Bandit said...

These pictures are stunning, I love the pops of red with your vintage attire! So lucky its so warm :)
xo Hannah

Jenna Leigh said...

Really great photos Alex! :)

diane said...

Agreed! The perfect red and you pull it off beautifully! I wish they still made fabrics like that and someone point me to a pattern with that unusual bodice! Too cute!

The Shashaguay Sisters said...

Ohh summery weather sounds glorious!
What a cute little hat! Love it!


CBoyer said...

Such an adorable dress, and the way you styled it is lovely.

the Middle Sister and Singer

Becca said...

Oh you gorgeous lady, you! I love this look- so classy! The 40s were such a great decade for pretty, classy frocks.

Becca | Ladyface Blog

Samantha Joan said...

For some reason, you look so grown up! The length of your hair is so cute right now. :) God bless!

Samantha said...

Gorgeous elegant look! Blue looks great on you and your makeup looks amazing! I wish I was enjoying your weather, it looks so warm and sunny!

jana said...

Love this look! You always look so elegant! And your hair looks so long!!
Beautiful, as always :)


Ajeng Andianti said...

you look sweet!

would you mind to follow each other? :)

greetings from Hong Kong :)

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
What an adorable outfit, I love the dress on you and the beret is also very pretty!

Have a great weekend,

Unknown said...

Love the vintage look. The hat looks amazing on you

Elana said...

Man, this is making me wish I was back in SoCal more than anything! I can't remember if I've ever asked, what part do you live in? We should meet up next time I'm home (I'm from Anaheim) if you're close!

And this dress is absolutely gorgeous!

Paulie Antiques said...

gorgeous photos.... as always! :)

love, polly

Unknown said...

Gorgeous elegant outfit. Love the vintage look.

Christina ♥♥

Alexandra Marie said...

That would be so fun Elana! I live in the Inland Empire- so I'm just a little over an hour from Anaheim :)

Putri Valentina said...

You look so elegant and picture dear :D


Paronomazje said...

Lady, you are so extremely beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

I've always loved your outfits! and your hair here is so gorgeous!

Always Maylee said...

OH my gosh you look so amazing and gorgeous! I love the little hat too.

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Batty said...

I can't get over how beautiful these photos are.

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