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January 8, 2014

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After being under the weather last week, it's good to be back in the swing of things with an outfit post! It's funny because I was sick this past Thanksgiving, and as soon as I started feeling something coming on this last week, I was not a happy camper! I try and do my best to look happy in pictures when I'm down with a cold ( I always get a sore throat), but it would seem I have a low pain tolerance- pathetic right? Haha!

This dress is from the ever incredible, Deomas Boutique, an uh-mazing Etsy shop filled to the brim with drop dead gorgeous vintage frocks. Every dress is beyond beautiful, and party ready! This particular dress is a pink, 1950s cotton number that's comfortable, yet fancy- I owe this feature to the beautiful embroidery and scalloped sweetheart neckline/hem. 

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How fun are these shoes? I had the privilege, this week, to style a gorgeous pair of crystal satin kitten heels from Paris XOX. The moment I received these in the mail and opened the package, my breath was taken away. I am, undoubtedly, crazy about all things that sparkle, and these are the most glittery little Loves ever- from the brooch on the toe, to the trail of crystals down the heel. Best of all, Paris XOX shoes are custom dyed and hand embellished, so every pair is made perfect for your event. If you love the color I am wearing, and want to pick up a pair of your own, you can find them here in ballet pink.

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Ready for this? The clutch is handmade! I know right? I still can't get over the fact that something so perfect and beautiful could be handmade. You can find your own here from Lost in Time- there are bunches of beautiful designs, so take a look at all of them!

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Gloves: Bold as Lions
Clutch: c/o Lost in Time
Shoes: c/o Paris XOX
Scarf: c/o Calla Lilly Bridal
Cardigan: old
Hat: Forever 21
Necklace: gift

The winner of the umbrella print blouse is... Bivisyani! Congratulations!
Reut Metallisydän said...

Light pink is one of my favorite colors! I just love it so much... your dress looks like a wedding dress, but in pink. If I'll ever get married, I want to wear this dress! :P

Unknown said...

Absolutely stunning, the shoes are so pretty and I love the hat :o). Xx

Makeup by Candlelight

Hannah said...

I love pink clothing, so I am head over heels with everything you're wearing. :)

Kristian said...

Gorgeous as always. The details make this for me- especially the gloves and clutch!

Hannah Wilkinson said...

Wow stunning photographs, you look absolutely beautiful!!

Primrose Jazmine and Brooklyn Joy said...

You should be a model. stunning!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness, how beautiful is this outfit! You looks so lovely in pink.

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

oh my gosh, you look so wonderful! those little pink heels are so lovely, you wear everything so well!

lindsey louise

Alexandra Marie said...

If you get married, and still love this dress, I will ship it to you <3

Samantha said...

Fantastic! You look absolutely lovely in pink and could those shoes be any cuter?! That lace clutch is precious too and handmade too!

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Gorgeous dress! You look lovely! :)

brittneydods said...

Ahhh! You always have such beautiful outfits and the photos are so gorgeous and so are you! This is def my favorite fashion blog =)

Grace K. said...

Lovely! The light pink is perfect for winter!

Helen Le Caplain said...

What a gorgeous outfit - love the dress and hat (and shoes!) in particular.... you look lovely :)

Mina Rachelle said...

So pretty! Those colors look really nice on you. I love the hat :)

diane said...

So glad you are feeling better-- at least well enough to bring us another gorgeous post! Ultra feminine outfit and I can't believe you have "nowhere to go" in it! ;) It doesn't get better than pink, lace and sparkles. You do the outfit justice!

Anonymous said...

You are stunning. And those shoes are stunning. And YOU are stunning.

Love, Amy

Van Nguyen said...

Everything looks lovely. The hat, dress, light pink, shoes, gloves and make up. You look simply stunning.

The Dragonfruit said...

So romantic and beautiful as always! You are truly a vintage stunner :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Delvalina said...

Pretty in pink :)
I just love the lace of everything here.

bluehuewonderland said...

So soft and pretty! I love the second picture. Romantic indeed!

blue hue wonderland

Arbie Goodfellow said...

Lovely and romantic...
Thank-You for modeling our shoes!
We have our eyes on that lace clutch.
Best Wishes,
Arbie from Parisxox

Unknown said...

This is a great post and you are absolutely gorgeous<3
Would you like to follow each other?? Let me know [:!


Sammi said...

Oh wow, that dress is SO dreamy!!! And the gloves are perfect. Swoon!!

xox Sammi

Witchcrafted Life said...

Enchantingly gorgeous outfit and photographs. The striking mix of timeless grey and cotton candy worthy pink here is nothing short of enchanting.

♥ Jessica

Holly Read said...

Wow that dress is so nice! & love the gloves too, really suits you :D x (hope you feel better soon!) xx

Unknown said...

I have been reading your blog for about a month, and I love your pictures - beautiful! Thanks for the style inspiration - the pink color is amazing on you. :)

~Allison H.

Kati said...

Thanks so much for your comment, it means a lot!
You look absolutely adorable today, I love your dress and complete outfit! Also, that clutch is something really special!

Have a fantastic day,

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