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December 11, 2013

OakGlen 161

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Winter is here! Fall slipped by beyond quickly, as usual. Nonetheless, I'm excited for the season, and hope to make it a great one! We didn't actually get snow where I live, we had to drive up the mountain a bit. I will say, walking in the snow in high heels, while trying to pose for a picture- not an easy feat- haha! Even a ranger drove by and said,  
" Those aren't exactly snow shoes, are they?" Wow- the things I do to myself.

This dress is from an incredible shop that I am SO excited to feature today! Over the past few months, Diane, the owner and seamstress of Mable Rose, has come to be a lovely a friend <3 I found this dress while I was searching for floral 50s styles, and fell head over heels, and even more so when it came in the mail- the quality is impeccable! It's handmade, yet has the look of an authentic 1950s treasure. Even the ric rac is perfect- it's embroidered, which I prefer much more over the ribbon type. The skirt is super full, 
(definitely speaking to my heart here) and it has come to be one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe. The most amazing part? The prices are crazy affordable! Nearly all of the dresses are $35! For you girls who love vintage, but don't want to spend a fortune- don't miss out on this one- no joke.

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A chunky knit scarf is a must have for winter, and this one has my heart! It is from The Love Stitch, and is oh so warm and beautiful! It's an infinity scarf, which means no hassle with tying it. It comes in a TON of colors, so if you have an outfit in mind, you'll have no problem finding a match! You can pick up your own here

I'm ecstatic to be featuring A Pocket of Whimsy again! Do you remember the adorable binocular necklace from October? This lovely comes from the same shop! When Alexis asked me if I would be interested in styling the Mushroom Shadow Box Necklace, I was so excited! This is seriously the best conversation piece- I get compliments on it all of the time. And... it opens! How darling is that?

OakGlen 145

OakGlen 157

Hehe, wasn't kidding- it was SO cold! I should have been wearing a coat. These are the consequences of being a naive California girl- haha! 

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Dress: c/o Mable Rose
Cardigan: Larkspur
Necklace: c/o A Pocket of Whimsy
Scarf: c/o The Love Stitch
Shoes: Payless
Headband: Stunning Looks
Unknown said...

OMG you crazy chick why are you frolicking in the snow with NO COAT?! You look bloody amazing - a spark of summer loveliness in the middle of winter :) I love that dress! I have to check out the shop now!

KC said...

Ahh, love the photos and the... snow! Haha! How I wish we can experience snow here in Philippines. :) Anyways, love your dress and the layering :)

Kisses ♥

brittneydods said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this! Girl- you had to be freezing!!! Beautiful pictures

Becca said...

These photos are so gorgeous! You're a brave lady to go out in the snow without a coat! I would have frozen half to death. Love these pretty orange hues on you!

Ladyface Blog

Unknown said...

These photos are so stunning, Alex! And that dress... no words! It's perfect.
I hope you're doing well - thanks for sharing these awesome shops with us today :)

Samantha said...

Aww, you look so lovely! Personally, my feet would have got frostbite - how did you survive?! Nonetheless, your dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look great in orange!

Lily Fang said...

Oh, these photos are simply darling! I love that ranger's comment on your shoes haha. You always look so happy in these photos and I simply love that pretty dress and precious necklace!

Stunning Looks said...

Alexandra the pictures are truly amazing in the snow. This orange color really suits you. Love it!!!

CBoyer said...

Such an adorable outfit! The colors are stunning, the dress is gorgeous, and that necklace is simply too cute!

The Middle Sister and Singer

Unknown said...

I LOVE these shots! You look so gorgeous! Also, that vintage bike tattoo is super cute :)

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Sereina said...

That has to be one of the most adorable dresses ever! You look so lovely it it.

Sammi said...

AHH that dress is even more perfect up close! And that cardigan looks like it was made to be worn with it! The mushroom necklace is beautiful, too. You have such a great eye, Alex.

xox Sammi

diane said...

Alex, I'm speechless and so grateful that you found my shop! You are a treasure! You make my dress look beautiful! It is a true joy to work with you! As always, your location is unbelieveable and you make it look like so much fun I think I would forget about the cold if I was fortunate enough to be there with you! Thank you my adorable new friend!

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Beautiful!! I feel you with the improper shoes for winter's hard to look good in a vintage dress with snow boots! haha.

Jeans and a Teacup said...

You don't even look cold at all - just super cute! I love the grey infinity scarf with the orange!
Jeans and a Teacup

Unknown said...

Woah, that dress is amazing! These photos are so great, and I love how you put this outfit together.


The Dragonfruit said...

Good heavens, how are you doing this?? Way to brave the cold and get these stunning photos in the snow! I love your darling dress and the thick knit scarf. Plus, that necklace is the cutest thing I've ever seen! <3

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Batty said...

These photos are so beautiful! The whole outfit.. LOVE!

Eccentric Owl said...

This outfit and these pictures are GORGEOUS! I am so in love with that dress, and now thanks to you I know what I'll be wearing today! (Floral+citrus colored cardigan) Haha, I have definitely sacrificed warmth and practicality for pretty pictures a ton! I will totally be tramping around in the snow in impractical shoes if it does snow here, just for some good pictures!
You are so gorgeous. Sigh. I love your blog! ;)
Happy Friday, beautiful!

Jo said...

LOVE your scarf!

. said...

Hi Alex! I love that outfit, so pretty and cheerful. You just reminded me of someone. Snow white. So cool! :)

Haggard Library said...

This is the most beautiful dress! I can't believe I just found your blog today, because it is definitely a new favourite.

Anonymous said...

So elegantly beautiful in everything you wear!!! I was saddened to see you have been branded; just something I'll never understand the fascination with.

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you! And oh my, I should have clarified! That is actually a pair of sheer printed tights- I would never mark myself up like that- haha!

Anonymous said...

Whew! My faith in you is renewed! Thank you for you kindness with my candidness!

Alexandra Marie said...

Haha- no worries! I feel the same way, so I can relate!

Unknown said...

I can't wait to check out mablerose now! I love that dress :)

Marcia said...

Simply beautiful and stunning!!! LOVE IT!!!!!! I feel like you are a celebrity and I am honored that you wanted one of my items. :) Merry Christmas!----Marcia-Hawthorne Hill

Anonymous said...

Your outfits keep getting cuter and cuter, my love. It's so great that you're still rocking your trademark printed dresses during the snowy weather!

Xo, Hannah

Anonymous said...

What great colors! I love the candle in the mason jar too outside like that. It reminds me of how my oldest brother used to go for snowy night walks holding an old fashioned candle holder with a candle stick in it. . .he'd use that instead of a flashlight when walking at night while the snow would fall and I went one or two times with him and loved it. Yeah, so it reminded me of that. That mushroom necklace is so cute too!

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