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November 20, 2013

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After my lighting incident last week, I realized it's time to start shooting in the mornings. However, especially when you are out in a field like this, the sun can be your worst enemy. Thankfully this go around, the sky was pretty overcast, so I'm grateful :)

I had the opportunity to guest post over at the Boyer Family Singers blog this week, so be sure and stop by to check it out! Charlotte, Brigid and Jessica write a beautiful vintage, fashion and lifestyle blog, so be sure and give them a follow! 

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This pretty little 50's number was sent to me from Fancy Lucky Vintage. I love it to pieces! I've worn it to every social event that I could, including a dance, which was too much fun because of the full skirt. One thing I find particularly special about it, is the buttons up the back. It is my only 50s dress that doesn't have a zipper. I'll be honest, I just manage to squeeze into it, due to it's small nature- it's amazing how tiny women were just 60 years ago! I discovered Fancy Lucky back in September and have been hooked ever since! The clothes are beautiful, and of course it helps that the photos are lovely as well. Everything looks so sharp partnered with that vintage wood background. 

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Oh, and... take a good look, this will probably be one of the only times you catch me wearing Converse style tennis shoes- haha. Alright, I admit, I'm not a die hard converse fan- I go with Air Walks- cheaper and just as good for me!

Redflowers 035
Bandanna: garage sale
Cardigan: old
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Forever21
The Dragonfruit said...

I never thought I'd see you wearing Converse, but you made them fit into your girly vintage style perfectly! Gorgeous as always :)

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The Dragonfruit Diaries

Harlow Darling said...

That dress is SO beautiful, it makes me think of something Betty Draper would wear!
I actually only like to take photos when the sun is out, I never take photos on overcast days...because I'm not very good at photoshop so I can never get rid of that color drained effect that cloudy days cause. Ahhh but these photos look so gorgeous, such lovely colors and a beautiful field :)

Unknown said...

That dress is sooooooo stunning!!! :( :( :( IM SO JEALOUS! Your photos are fabulous - IN LOVE!

MateaTPol said...

dress is amazing!

Hannah said...

I love the dress! :)

Jenna Leigh said...

Love this outfit on your alex. Especially the scarf/head band you are wearing :)

Kristian said...

A gorgeous dress with gorgeous photos but I like how the converse adds a bit of the unexpected.

brittneydods said...

2nt picture on this post is so beautiful =D love the outfit!

The Shashaguay Sisters said...

Lovey pictures Alex!
What a lovely dress! I need to get my own collection going! The print is so cute and I love the rick-racked edges! I love the way you styled it!
I enjoyed your post at BFS, it is so fun to make things yourself!
much love,

Paige Salinas said...

The dress is adorable! You style things so well, maybe you could do a post on how to make several outfits out of just a few pieces? Just wondering. :)


Sammi said...

That dress is seriously stunning (and teeny vintage dresses are the bane of my existence!), and I love it with the Converse. I have to start taking photos in the morning, too!

xox Sammi

Tasha said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I, for one, LOVE Converse. I've been wanting to get a grey pair for a very long time... *envious* ;) I think they look adorable paired with vintage, and I love this outfit so much!

Fancy Lucky Vintage said...

Stunning! You have made this dress come to life in the most beautiful way. It was in my shoppe for ages because of its teeny tiny size, and I must admit it was hard to part with it knowing I wouldn't be able to see it everyday, but now it has been immortalized in these gorgeous photos. Thanks so much for giving this dress a wonderful new home Alexandra :)

xo! Amy

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much, Amy! You are truly a matchmaker <3

Samantha said...

I'm am in love with your photos! You have a way of making your surroundings appear so magical! This dress is absolutely gorgeous, the detailing is perfect and I love the floral print.

Van Nguyen said...

Love the outfit. Beautiful dress.

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

These pictures are beautiful. I haven't shot in the morning in a while. I usually shoot in the afternoon. What camera/lens do you use, by the way?

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you! I use a Canon T3i (different than a T3) with a canon 50 mm 1.4 lens- I love them both, and would highly recommend them!

Liza said...

Hi Alexandra! I'm a new follower, and I found your blog through your guest post on the Boyer Family Singers blog! I can't believe I haven't stumbled upon your blog before! Can't wait to see more posts, as this outfit is simply adorable! :)

Delvalina said...

I love your casual feminine style in this post :)
Your hair is getting longer a bit and I love to see that.
I love take shoot in the morning too.
Thanks for sharing
Anyway I love the details of the dress..

Becca said...

Holy moly. That dress is AMAZING! Golly, I sure do love a good vintage piece!

Ladyface Blog

diane said...

Beautiful photos as usual! I can't believe that you are still able to find such amazing color so late in the season but I love the rich backdrop! Sure wish someone still made fun dotted swiss fabric like this adorable dress. You find such unique treasures I look forward to them every week. Also looked at your tutorial on the guest post and got some great ideas for gifts. Thanks for sharing your talents!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much Diane! I know, I feel the same way- I wonder if they even still make dotted swiss? And it's funny you should mention the colors, here in So Cal we don't really get Autumn colors in our trees until late November and December- haha!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you, Darling! Yes, I've made the terrifying commitment to grow it out- it's been such a hassle so far, but the only thing I can do is cover it up with hats and scarves- haha

CBoyer said...

Gorgeous! Simply marvelous :) That dress fits you like a dream, and these photos are tops!


Sara Strauss {Sincerely, Sara} said...

These pictures are so gorgeous! I love the dainty print on your dress!! Dancing in that dress seems like the best thing ever!
Sincerely, Sara

Marisa Noelle said...

You have the prettiest photos hands down. That dress with those converse is one perfect combination!! xo Marisa

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Oooh. That's the same camera I use!! But I just have the kit lens. I've been thinking about a 50 mm though!

Eccentric Owl said...

SO adorable. I love your blog. Every time I come by for a read, I just adore the photography, your style, your narration, everything! You're one of my favorites! Haha, and I always want to just share every single post with someone, too!

daria said...

These pictures are so beautiful! I adore that dress and how cute it pairs with Converse.

Anonymous said...

I am always taken with your stunning photography and scenery. These pictures are magical!

Xo, Hannah

Anonymous said...

The print on this dress is so amazing! Very nice!
I love the 5th photo the most. It is so dreamy and makes you wonder what you were thinking in that moment.

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you Victoria! In all honesty, I was probably thinking about whether or not my sister was able to focus the shot- haha- we were having issues at that moment because of the fence post ( you know how the camera likes to do that- lol)

Barbara said...

I love the dress and how you styled your photos. I'm always looking for ways to pair flats with dresses and the Converse are a perfect solution. You don't happen to have a photo where you can see the shape of the sleeves. Are they part of the bodice? Thank you so much

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you Barbara! I don't have any photos, except for this one-

But, yes they are part of the bodice :)

Barbara said...

great thank you!

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