Memories Fade Like Leaves

October 30, 2013

WoodBarn 012


WoodBarn 019

Just like September, October has literally flown by. The Fall and Summer always seem to be the quickest seasons for me- then Spring and Winter just sort of slug on by- really, really slowly- haha. I'm a little sad, honestly. I love October, and this one in particular has been just perfect. Not only has we finally gotten our beloved Fall weather this month, but I feel like life is finally picking up a bit. I say that mostly because I was in a "I have no life" funk this past September ( September was kind of rotten ;) haha. But October has pulled me back into a happier state I suppose.

Onto more cheerful subjects, I was once again surprised to find these purple flowers at our shoot location- ironically they happened to match with the florals on my dress. I always think it's funny how that happens! This dress is actually really different than anything I've owned before because the material is like a suede, but softer and lighter. I found it at a shop called, Thriftage. As you can probably tell from the shop title, Thriftage specializes in vintage and thrifted finds. You can really see shop owner, Kirsten's passion for vintage in her attention to detail and quality inventory. 


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WoodBarn 047

Another thing that made October amazing was being chosen as Vivi Girl Shop's Blogger of the Month! It came as such a surprise. You can read the feature here until the end of October :) They also sent me this little Tarina Tarantino necklace, which I thought would go great with this outfit because of the warm colors. If you haven't been by Vivi Girl Shop- do check it out! They carry clothes and accessories from a bunch of awesome designers like Orla Kiely and Dear Creatures to name a few. 



WoodBarn 038

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WoodBarn 006

WoodBarn 056
Dress: Thriftage
Necklace: c/o Vivi Girl Shop
Tights: c/o Persunmall
Shoes: Ebay
Belt & Sweater: old
Hat: Wet Seal

An Apple a Day...

October 22, 2013

Oakglen 083

Oakglen 088

Oakglen 063

Yoohoo, notice anything? That's right- it's full on, glaring orange- ha! Now that I have officially walked you through the leaf colors for the past three weeks, maybe I can convince myself to talk about other things... maybe ;) Well, actually, in all honesty these were taken up the mountain, so it's technically not like this right where I live, but close enough for me! It amazes me how gorgeous Oak Glen is. Even though it is just a little ways from where I live, Oak Glen always manages to get the fall colors and the winter snow. 

I was especially happy because this dress I found at Wish Me Vintage managed to match perfectly with the scenery up there. I discovered this little vintage hot spot about a month ago and fell in love! The shop was just opened in August, so it is relatively new. At the moment it is currently stocked with a bunch of darling little vintage dresses with adorable, girly details like lace trim, collars and bows. It never ceases to amaze me- when I find a shop that has a way of curating so many great pieces, I'm sold. And the shop owner Anna is a joy to work with! 

This particular dress is from the 1950s. I'm not sure if it was shortened or not, being that 50's dresses are usually a bit longer. However, in this situation it worked out perfectly because it gives the dress a bit of a modern touch. The fabric is really fun because it is more durable like a cotton, but with the look of chiffon. There's a name for it, but my lack of fabric knowledge just has me comparing to the familiar- haha.

Oakglen 131

Oakglen 125

Oakglen 133


oakglen2 001
Oakglen 135

Oakglen 136

oakglen2 025

Ahh, acorns. Love hate relationship. I think they were trying to murder me when we took these pictures- no joke! They were literally shooting down from the trees like mini torpedoes - I've honestly never seen anything like it before. It's hard to try and pose for a pretty picture when there's an acorn ambush raining from the sky.

oakglen2 015

oakglen2 012

oakglen2 010
Scarf: Gift
Cardigan: Forever 21
Ring: Persunmall
Tights: old
Earrings: estate sale
Headband: Fashion District

A Lot Like Autumn

October 15, 2013

pumpkinpatch 045

pumpkinpatch 039

pumpkinpatch 041

See it? There's a hint of yellow and red on that tree! Haha- that's So Cal for you- I'll take what I can get. Sorry to always be talking about the seasons, but I just can't help getting excited when Autumn is finally starting to show. We had one rainy day this week, which was amazing. It was pretty cold too. But we've also had some 90% days as well. 

Two vintage shop recommendations for you this week! Both of these places are awesome, so be sure and check them out!

This pretty polka dot dress is from The Spiders Web Vintage. It's another one of those places where you have a hard time choosing what to buy! Jessica has a way of finding such unique an adorable pieces- both clothing and housewares. After stopping by again today, I found that she has some super adorable shoes in stock right now ( I would buy them if they were my size), and among other things, a set of really cute ceramic owl salt and pepper shakers. And even though this is a little off topic, the shop title and logo is perfect for the time of year. 

Now the cardigan- let me say this- I am in complete, blissful, love with this sweater- haha. It matches with a lot in my wardrobe lately, surprisingly enough, and it is super comfortable. It is from Larkspur. The garments are all so beautiful, I just love the feeling I get when I explore the shop. The clothes are priced very reasonably- enough so that you can pay pretty much what you would for Forever 21, but vintage (aka, but better ;). The shop owner, Alex, also runs a blog. She has a great vintage flare to her outfits and I am so jealous of that gorgeous red hair! If you'd like, you can follow a link to her blog here.

pumpkinpatch 021

I recently went to LA again for the fashion district with some friends of mine and we had a blast! The prices are great down there as long as you are going for the accessories. Maybe I should even make a haul video because I literally got almost everything for a buck a piece. After spending $20, I walked away with this flower crown, two eye liners, a lip liner, a pair of earrings, two rings, a pair of leggings, a knit hat and three nail polishes.

pumpkinpatch 019

pumpkinpatch 016

pumpkinpatch 011pumpkinpatchcorn
pumpkinpatch 008

pumpkinpatch 005b
pumpkinpatch 005

pumpkinpatch 012

pumpkinpatch 031

pumpkinpatch 061

pumpkinpatch 056

OK, how stinkin' cute is this necklace? I could swear, I wear it with everything. I think it brings out my inner explorer ;). It is from, ( ready for a crazy cute name?) A Pocket of Whimsy. If you love crazy adorable, novelty jewelry, then this is without question the store for you. One of my new favorites is this gorgeous mushroom shadowbox necklace. To die for! If you are wanting to pick up the necklace that I am wearing, you can find it here. Take my word for it, so worth buying! It's a definite statement piece.
pumpkinpatch 052
Cardigan: c/o Larkspur
Necklace: c/o A Pocket of Whimsy
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Forever 21
Headband & earrings: Fashion District

If Leaves Were Gold

October 8, 2013

pontepond 064

pontepond 069

pontepond 071

pontepond 072

But alas, they're not. I'm talking about the title of this post- ha. Autumn colors come late here in So Cal. I have to light an awful lot of cinnamon spice candles to make myself feel like it's fall- haha. So I substituted with gold light instead. The leaves will be coming along soon, I force myself to believe ;)

This navy lace dress is actually something I raided from my sister's closet. We are pretty much the same size so I like to borrow things ever so often. She found it at Nordstom's Rack. It's actually not half bad there- the clothes are cute, though I didn't notice particularly amazing prices. Then again, this is Nordstom's we're talking about here!

And this cute little Letterman cardi is from Pitzicat Vintage. I initially had my heart set on a sweet navy dress and before I knew it- someone swooped it up to take on their own adventures. However, I must say I am so very happy with this sweater. It is so perfect for the season and really soft. Plus it goes with several things in my wardrobe. After wearing it last week, I had someone ask what the letters stood for. Later while talking with my mom, we decided it stood for fabulous Alex- hahaha. No judging, we had to get creative! Anyways, if you want to check out Pitzicat, there are always new things being added to the shop, and lldi, the owner is just a doll!

pontepond 040

pontepond 038

pontepond 035

pontepond 004

I have a confession. I'm in love with chai tea. There's this big tub of chai tea mix you can buy at Costco, and it is so incredible. Plus it can go hot, iced, or frappucino style, which is my favorite. What are some of your favorite drinks this Fall?

pontepond 009
pontepond 018

pontepond 034
pontepond 031

pontepond 028

pontepond 024
Dress: Nordstom's Rack
Cardigan: c/o Pitzicat Vintage
Tights: old
Shoes: Payless
Bow & ring: Forever 21
Purse: old

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