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September 10, 2013

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This week seems like it's been so long! I don't really know why. I guess sometimes life just works that way. I didn't manage to post this weekend, which really makes it seem like it's been a while since I've shared on here- ha, weirdness.

This little beauty of a skirt was sent to me from Liza Radley's Vintage, a quaint little vintage shop. I'm serious, there are some insanely adorable pieces in there right now, and they are priced very reasonably. If you like the skirt I am wearing, Megan has two other similar plaid beauties that are priced at $12 a piece! Plus your shipment arrives from Ireland, which I just think is really awesome- he he.

This skirt is actually the first wool garment I have owned, and I love it! It is so warm and cozy, I just know it will make an excellent Fall/Winter staple. Plus the colors are amazing, I am in love with them!

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Isn't he cute? Can you guess "hoo" I am talking about? This little owl ring was something I picked up at the 99 cent store about two years ago ( wow, has it been that long already)? I thought his eyes matched well with the outfit, so I brought him along for the pictures.

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You know, it just occurred to me that my nails look sort of like claws in that last picture- haha. Oh well, sort of freaky, but never the less I liked the way the fence looked with the flowers.

I'm so confused about what I should do with my hair. I do love the idea of the bob, but I am torn between losing my beloved pixie cut, and just the dread of growing one out. I don't know how long it's going to take, and the stages of hair growth from a pixie can be so awful. Either way, I have to decide soon, because it is getting horribly long, and if I'm going to keep it short, it is desperate need of a trim.

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Blouse: Thrifted
Tights & Ring: 99 cent store
Shoes: Payless
Headband: Icing

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Chloe Ann said...

<3 it!

Van Nguyen said...

Maybe give it one last cut. Then grow out your hair during the colder months when you're more likely to wear hats to cover up from the cold.

Anna said...

I really love your pixie, but you should do what makes you happy. I love wool, and I love the color of your top - it looks so chic with your new skirt. :-)

Kristian said...

Wow. Your outfits always stun me and this is no exception. You look GORGEOUS.

Unknown said...

Loving the vintage vibes of the look. Your hair cut suits your really well.


Kl√°ra Recmanov√° said...

Love these pictures! So wonderful <3 Love the outfit! Really amazing!
. . .
Dreamer Clara^^

Adina Nanes said...

Such a beautiful skirt! And amazing pictures! Love everything!

I invite you to join my giveaway!

The Shashaguay Sisters said...

Love that skirt! I will have to look at that site soon! Wool skirts are a must for the winter days! :)
Your pics are always so nice! :)

Unknown said...

I really love these phots! They look like they could be a concept for Anthropologie!

Gorgeous outfit for fall :)

Tiffany Ima
Style Honestly

Lady parisienne said...

yu look great, there is something very poetic about your photos... And I really like your skirt!

KC said...

Love the combination. Great pictures too :)

Kisses ♥

Unknown said...

OH SO PRETTY! :D Loving every picture to death.
The colours are so beautiful and autumn-ish.


Grace said...

My favourite outfit yet! You look gorgeous!

The Dragonfruit said...

I love how your top matches the surrounding flowers. Gorgeous fall outfit! That plaid skirt is wonderful :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Mina Rachelle said...

Awesome winter/autumn outfit :-) I love owls!

Unknown said...

The colours in this outfit make me so happy! They are so rich and make me think of crisp Autumn mornings.
Beautiful, as always Alex!

Unknown said...

Wow, love that skirt! And all the fall colors I've been seeing lately on blogs! I'm gonna miss summer :/ but the fall colors are great! Oh, and I love the picture with the book

Becca said...

Gorgeous photos and outfit! I love that wool skirt. Wool is actually one of my favorite fibers to wear. It's surprisingly comfortable!

Ladyface Blog

Samantha said...

This look is perfect, an ideal Autumn-ish outfit! I adore your plaid wool skirt, it looks so cozy and warm! Do you wear hats? If you do I would maybe grow out my hair then, during hat season. Your pixie cut is lovely though, you pull it off so well :)

Unknown said...

Alex, I am always so in love with your pictures. You always look so effortlessly beautiful in them. I adore this outfit, it makes you look like a super stylish professor :) I would love to see your hairstyle in a bob!! I think you would look really cute... of course if it doesn't work out, no worries because it'll grow out in no time!


Alexandra Marie said...

That's not a half bad idea! Haha

Alexandra Marie said...

Yes, that's something someone else mentioned- I do sometimes. So perhaps I should go with that sort of a plan- hmm

Vicki said...

Lovely outfit! Ooh, and that book is caught my eye instantly! I love vintage book covers.(:

Decked Out in Ruffles

Anonymous said...

I think it would be really hard to figure out how to even deal with hair growth after getting a pixie cut, but I've never had hair shorter than a bob, so I don't know how to help you there. You are so classy and I love the modesty in these outfits. ;) May you inspire many and give glory to God in all things!

Jessi said...

This is such a gorgeous fall look! Seriously, you could be in a look book! Love the burgundy and that plaid skirt together. And the flowers totally match you - awesome!

SM said...

Lovely photos! Nice vintage outfit!

Anonymous said...

I love the plaid trend for fall and you look amazing in this skirt. I think you would totally rock a bob, too!

Xo, Hannah

jana said...

I love everything about these photos! The outfit is gorgeous, but the location just sets everything off perfectly!
Lovely, as always :)


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