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September 24, 2013

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This past weekend I had the opportunity to spend some time with Jenna of A Beautiful Heart. After our little shoot, we made a desperate attempt at french macrons. Let me tell you, they aren't kidding when they say they are temperamental cookies. I could swear they have a mind of their own! Besides the fact that they took forever, our meringue wasn't peaking ( later to find out that the eggs had to be room tempature-ha)! We managed to make one or two decent(ish) cookies, while the rest sat on the cooling racks in crumbled little heaps- hahaha. Oh well, I can say this, I am determined to try them again sometime soon. Do any of you have an Mac making tips?

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Lately I have just been obsessed over old movies. It's odd because when I was younger I could never stand them; the length, the seemingly endless amount of musical and dance numbers. But these days they are so entertaining to me. Something about seeing a time where women were ladies and men were gentlemen is so inspiring. Maybe it's a bit of an escape, as movies often are-ha. And of course, I couldn't help but notice, after watching a Fred Astaire movie last night, the women's dresses are simply to die for!  The frilly, girly, full frocks of tulle and chiffon can't be beat. I have a horrible weakness for 50's dresses. They are so gorgeous. I used to longingly wish that I lived in a time where I could pull of wearing things like that. These days, I think I've come to realize that it doesn't matter- I should just wear what I love ( as long as it it pleasing to God, that's number one) and not care what others think. That's the beauty of having a personal style blog. I get to share the things about style that I find beautiful. Anyways, now that I have preached for an hour, I'll get off my soapbox ;)

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This cute little novelty print dress is from Nita. Can I say enough about this place? Gorgeous, custom made, affordable, adorable dresses! All of their clothes are custom made to your personal measurements- even the length is customizable! I am wearing the "Bow Me a Kiss" dress. The quality is great, and the fabric is just perfect for a Summer-to-fall transition. I adore the pretty details, like the red "piping" down the bodice and on the waistband. The dress is super comfortable and so fun to wear!

The super cute leather backpack is from Atitlan Leather. Walter, the shop owner, does truly beautiful work! It has so many different pockets, and the ones on the sides would be perfect for a cell phone. Another element that I really love is the drawstring opening. Not only does it look great, but it gives you extra security when you close the backpack, as well as the option to fit larger items inside. If you are interested in picking up a new backpack for hikes, school or simply as an accessory, click here to check it out!

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Dress: c/o Nita
Backpack: c/o Atitlan Leather
Ring: c/o Letters Earring
Sweater & tights: old
Belt: Charlotte Russe
Headband: handmade
Shoes: Ebay
Scarf: Forever 21

Photo Credits: Jenna C

The Dragonfruit said...

There's definitely something magical about older movies - probably because they're getting dated and we sadly notice such differences in characters before to people today...sigh. I wish we could go back to those values!
Anyway, loooove this new location for outfits. Great dress, the print and fit are adorable on you :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Hannah said...

This is SUCH a cute outfit! And I really love the backpack... I should get one... maybe?

Mina Rachelle said...

This is one of my favorite posts of yours!! :) And old movies are VERY entertaining!

Lindsey Louise Bales said...

ah, your backpack! i am in love! i need one just like that for this season!

lindsey louise


brittneydods said...

luv it!

Shelby said...

i LOVE that backpack. i have a weakness for leather bags. it is a problem. this outfit is the greatest. love it all! and my goodness, french macaroons.... i want to try and make them soo badly, but i am an awful baker. it just isn't my thing. i don't think the two would mix very well. haha

The Braided Bandit said...

These photos are awesome, I adore the print of your dress and the backpack so cute! I have still yet to get my hands on a french macaroon but it WILL happen! Next time you try them out, Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky posted a recipe and a video she used to make them a few weeks ago and the video seemed really helpful!
xo Hannah

The Shashaguay Sisters said...

What a great dress! Love every detail of the outfit, the print of the dress, the heels, and the way you brought the red back into it all with the headband and lipstick - great job!
Amen on the "wear what you love and worry about others later' paragraph...As long as you are honoring God- that's all that matters! :) Great post and the pictures are wonderful!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you! And yes, it is amazing! You should def. check it out!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you Hannah! Yes! We were both inspired by her post and video ( it made us feel like perhaps we could brave them) but I realized that I forgot some important steps when we actually made them that were mentioned in the video. Today I am going to try and make them again, I will let you know if it works out! If not I am this close to ordering some on ( what else- ha) etsy- lol.

Naomi said...

Wow, your locations for the photos are always so beautiful along with the clothing. :) Your dress is amazing! I wish I knew how to put together an outfit like that. :D


Hopefully Smashing said...

I love this outfit, that dress is adorable! I love the bow pattern and the piping, nice details. That headband it super cute too!

Vicki said...

Beautiful outfit! That backpack is amazing! I love the texture and details of it.
I love old movies...they're just so fun, and I love the whole feel of them. Fred Astaire movies always make me happy.

decked out in ruffles

Reinhardt Kenneth said...

I'd have to say that you are a real life Snow White, you look just like her! I absolutely love the prints on the dress, the backpack, the headband, the blue layering, the fur-collar like thing, all of the pictures just have this beautiful quality in them, you look hands down absolutely S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G, and sorta ethereal
"Posh Plastic" on http://reinhardtkenneth.blogspot.com

Amanda said...

oh this is amazing. I feel so inspired by this look


Imogen said...

Wow I love the print - it is so adorable and beautiful. Truly impressive.

Becca said...

Totally in love with this outfit. I love the combination of colors and textures!

Ladyface Blog

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your backpack- it's so perfect for an adventure! And it's so funny that you tried making macaroons, I attempted the same thing over the summer and completely failed, so don't feel alone! I also love watching old movies... Audrey Hepburn films are my favorite, but I'm also so inspired by Woody Allen's early movies in NYC.

Xo, Hannah


Ashleigh said...

I know what you mean about old films. I really used to get so bored with them. But, I love them now! I am a huge Ginger Rogers/ Fred Astaire fan. Which film was it? Also, I love your dress! So cute.


Alexandra Marie said...

Yes! I am actually yet to watch a Ginger Rogers film, but it's on my list! ( shame I know). It was Daddy Longlegs- it was amazing!!

Brown Leather Jackets said...

This look is so good! Love the colors!

Kimberley said...

Ahw, I don't think you have to worry about your outfits, you always look so pretty and polished! But you're right that it doesn't really matter, just stay true to yourself no matter what :) The dress in combination with the headband is really cute!

Jessi said...

Gorgeous dress! Red is definitely your color. And that leather backpack is amazing!!

Reut Metallisydän said...

I never try to make macrons, but I know they're hard to make. I just love to eat them, and that's it :P
Your dress is simply perfect. I'm in love!!

Kristian said...

Which Astaire film were you watching?

Thanks for introducing me to a new company. Absolutely love your dress and am even more impressed it was made to specific measurements.

Jenna Leigh said...

Yeah that was a very fun shoot. :)

-my blog; abeautifulheart07.blogspot.com/2013/09/anchors-awiegh.html

Alexandra Marie said...

I was watching Daddy Long Legs. It's a great one if you haven't seen it yet!

Unknown said...

i love your dress!!! it's so pretty!

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