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September 3, 2013

cross country pics 007

cross country pics 013

This sweet little dress is from Felix & Minerva. One of the best things about Marianda and Alexandra's shop is that it is always stocked with a ton of one of a kind vintage pieces! They really do have something of everything, ( especially the adorable shoes and accessories). And everything is very reasonably priced. Definitely the perfect Etsy shop to start building a vintage wardrobe!

I thought this dress was just so perfect for Autumn! The soft brown floral pattern is just right, and the short sleeves + cotton make it the perfect transitional dress. Oh yes! And pockets ( hehe). I really need to do something about my pocket obsession.

cross country pics 015

cross country pics 022

cross country pics 025

cross country pics 027

I've been wanting to shoot pictures here all Summer, and we finally managed to fit it in! This is actually an old abandoned cross country track. It's crazy because the property is huge, so I am hoping to shoot here again soon ( there are still lots of photo spots to explore there). It was almost perfect, with the exception of the red ant population- yikes! And if those things bite- eee, yeah, no thank you!

cross country pics 005

cross country pics 031

cross country pics 032

Lately I have really been enjoying music more. I'm always listening to Tessa Rose Jackson or a Fine Frenzy! I love songs like All the King's Horses, Winter Night, Bird of the Summer, Blow Away, etc. That kind of music just makes me happy- probably because it is so upbeat. It always makes me want to pick up and go on road trip.

cross country pics 033

cross country pics 036 Thank you all for the kind words on my last blog post! You are all so sweet and I'm really glad that you enjoyed the video!

cross country pics 039
Dress: c/o Felix & Minerva
Tights: Burlington Coat Factory
Hat: Wet Seal
Rings: c/o Letters Earrings
Earrings: gift
Necklace: Forever 21

By the way, there's a new post over at Beautiful in God's Eyes! I really hope that you all will take the time to check this one out, there's a message that I think we all need to hear, especially dealing with the blogosphere.
Mina Rachelle said...

So pretty, definitely reminds me of autumn! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that brown looks wonderful on you! This sounds cheesy, but really it brings out the color in your eyes somehow! :)

Ashleigh said...

You really are a flawlessly beautiful person! I loved your vlog post. I always think it's so cool to hear the voice of someone you have only seen pictures of. Happy Two Year Blog Anniversary!

Sarah Gracen said...

I love the way you had your bangs here <3
Bangs don't suit a lot of people but they look
amazing on you!

The Dragonfruit said...

Wow, love how you wear brown so well! I usually shy away from this color, but you look lovely :)

The Dragonfruit Diaries

Grace K. said...

Brown is definitely one of your colors, Alexandra! You look so lovely and fall-ish indeed...although your shoot is almost safari-themed, which I love! Fabulous pictures as always. :)

Becca said...

Everything in this post is gorgeous, yourself included! I love that dress and those shoes are dreamy!

Ladyface Blog

Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos & location!
Also, Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy is one of my all time favourite artists! I've never heard of Tessa Rose Jackson - thanks for introducing me! I always love discovering new artists :)
I feel like you would really like The Hush Sound! I was about to tell you that they aren't making music together anymore... but I just discovered that they recently released a new EP! This is excellent!
Also, if you don't listen to her yet, you must look up Ingrid Michaelson - she's incredible!
Anyways... I could go on and on about this, and I'll stop now before I go too far ;)
Have a beautiful day, Alex!

Nataly said...

This outfit IS perfectly autumn-y! I love it :)

Reut Metallisydän said...

This is a beautiful look! I like the way you combined all the colors - indeed perfect for autumn :P

CBoyer said...

Beautiful, as always! The scenery is just stunning!


Anonymous said...

I love that dress! You are lovely.

Love, Amy

Alexandra Marie said...

Oh my, yes, I love Ingrid! I will definitely have to look up The Hush Sound- thanks for letting me know about them!

Bethany Carson said...

Beautiful outfit--has to be one of your best! Love it!

Kristian said...

You. Are. Gorgeous.

Everything about this outfit- the monochrome coloring, how you made brown so rich and lovely, the hat, the SHOES.

And what a fun music rec too.

Ashleigh said...

Thanks for answering the questions. Unfortunately, my comments only let answers 1-8 show. Could you send me the rest? And about the falling in love thing; It's not corny, it's totally legit. I myself want to fall in love one day, too. Thanks so much for participating!

Naomi said...

Great photos and I love the location! I can see why you like it so much~

The Occasional Indulgence

Samantha said...

Wow!This is so pretty, I love everything about this outfit and you styled it wonderfully! You're right, that dress is ideal for Autumn, I love the colour and the floral print. Once again, your pictures are stunning!

Ashleigh said...

Thanks again! They came through!

Anna said...

Great print on that dress. :-)

Unknown said...

Hello! I just found your blog(s) from one of your comments on the Boyer Family Singers'. I will be sure to become a follower! It is so fun to find more like minded, encouraging Christian blogs!
My sister and I have also just started a blog so I now know how encouraging it is to receive a comment! Thanks so much for what you are doing!

Unknown said...

Nearly forgot to add that I love your outfit! Esp. your hat!
The pictures are fab! :)

Delvalina said...

I love you potret picture Alez :)
you are classic beautiful girl, and I adore your style.
The pictures here are great.

Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Alex, you are beautiful inside and out! I love this dress on you... And the color on you is so flattering! Mrs. Condon

Sara, Swing The Day Away said...

Oh my...I love this landscape! It's so perfect and gorgeous. I wish we had places like this around where I am! I also love the earthy tones of your outfit. Definitely perfect for autumn, which I absolutely cannot wait any longer for. It better come soon! :)

Anonymous said...

I always admire your feminine outfits and crisp photos, but this shoot is definitely one of my favorites! You look so beautiful in this dress and I love the black and white photos!

Xo, Hannah

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

so pretty. The photos are stunning as well. Love the look for fall!

Unknown said...

great photo location! I love the dress too.


Lublyou said...

The scenery and everything about these photos is so beautiful!

Aino said...

Gorgeous look!
I love your dress! :)


Paulie Antiques said...

You always have the most beautiful and graceful photos! I love them! Wonderful. Love your hat, too!!!

love, polly :)

Unknown said...

You are gorgeous! This look is perfect for fall! And the hat adds the perfect touch! :)

Rachel Emma
Daydream Frenzy

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! I love your shoes and the dress so much and the shots in general! I am so glad that your identity is in Jesus! There is no other place to have an identity in!

SM said...

The hat is amazing and absolutelly perfect for fall. I am looking for somethign similar myself.

m. said...

Love the dress! And the pictures are beautiful! You have a new follower :)

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