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August 13, 2013



Happy Wednesday! Have you all been having a good week? A special happy birthday to my Amigo, Chloe!

Today I am wearing this darling dress from Nooworks. Nooworks is an online store that sells handmade clothing. The shop began with screen printed T's and has now grown into a full brand of unique clothing!

I am wearing the Chambray Country Star Dress. I love the western touches on this frock. It has such a cute Summery look to it. The fabric is super comfy, with a little bit of stretch. I had been planning to pair it with a black belt, but managed to forget. With that in mind... it looks adorable with belts- ha! There's also a nifty little invisible zipper up one side. Best part? It's super affordable! 




It's so hard for me not to be wishing the Summer away at this point. I love Summer, it really is one of my favorite seasons. But there's just something about Fall that gets me excited... every single year. Especially the clothes. I love tights, hats and scarves. Winter is too cold, but Fall is just right. I must have a hard time living in the moment.







I found this hat at Wet Seal last week and was literally SO excited! I've been looking for an affordable wool floppy hat for ages. I couldn't resit picking one up in black and brown. Just a warning, you'll probably be seeing these hats a lot in my posts to come- haha.


Dress: c/o Nooworks
Hat: Wet Seal
Shoes: Payless

Flos Caeli Giveaway winner: Rachelle Marie

Beverly Houpt said...

LOVE the black and white shots. Stunning!

Delvalina said...

The hat is lovely and the dress makes you tender and girly :)
anyway, The Prince is one of my favorite books of history.


Imogen said...

Very beautiful. I love the dress.

Hannah said...

I am in love with that hat! Very floppy... :)

Kristian said...

Oh my! Aren't you a doll in this dress! I like the black string ties at the top.

Mina Rachelle said...

The dress is cute! The hat is cool :) I love hats!

Sammi said...

That dress is beautiful on you (and I love NooWorks, though I didn't realize they had an Etsy shop - I'd just been to their regular website)! And oh my goodness, I want those grapes!!

xox Sammi

Unknown said...

Love this dress! It's so pretty! And the hat is awesome too :)

Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

What a cute dress! I'm excited for Fall too! :)

Becca said...

That dress is gorgeous. I love the color, and the setting couldn't be prettier!

Ladyface Blog

Little Tree Vintage said...

these photos are so pretty, love the location too!

Unknown said...

Lovely as usual! :)

Anna said...

I just love Nooworks. This dress looks lovely on you!

Miss Green said...

my dear you are simply adorable! I love your blog! you remind of Audrey :)

Irela said...

The grapes look so juicy! What an awesome summery treat! The dress is adorable, you look so pretty in it ♥

Harlow Darling said...

You look so stunning in this crisp white dress!!! I love this setting (and just all of the settings you use for your photos) so wholesome and rustic, suits this dress perfectly.
Would it be okay if I asked what camera, and what lens you use? I love how crisp your photos look and they have such a nice soft focus!

Vicki said...

Lovely outfit! I love the look of the white dress paired with the black hat! These photos are absolutely lovely as well.
Also...that is such a pretty copy of The Prince.(:

Decked Out in Ruffles

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of you reading, you look so peaceful! I definitely agree that fall has been on my mind more than the last days of summer- I can't wait to wear circle scarves and boots!

Xo, Hannah

Naomi said...

I love your style, so feminine and lovely~

Anonymous said...

Aww this dress is so cute and you look so pretty! I love fall as well, it's so magical. Unfortunately, we don't have it in FL :(

Life of Mabel

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you! I actually have yet to read it, it's on my list to read this year though!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you Sammi! I'm so excited to hear that you know about Nooworks already! They really are such a fun brand!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much! I use a Canon T3i ( not to be confused with a T3) with a Canon 50 mm 1.4. I must say, one of the things that I have always loved about your blog is how gorgeous the photos are!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thanks Mabel! Well, I suppose I should admit, we don't get much a Fall around here either. Honestly the leaves don't turn until late October. So I make up for it by creating an "Fake Autumn" in my mind- haha.

Lisa said...

That dress is just adorable! Such a sweet look.

Jessi said...

LOVE the dress and what a lucky find with the hat! I love floppy hats :) I'm super excited for fall too! It's the best time for fun layering!

Samantha said...

I love your outfit, that hat and dress are amazing! You did a great job with the photography too, I especially like those black and white pictures of you, you look so pretty! I feel the same about the end of summer, I'm already planning autumn ensembles haha.

Katie J said...

Love the outfit! Your pictures always look like modern-day fairy tales...I adore the pretty scenery and your creative poses. I take a lot of inspiration from this blog--though, living in the desert, I can only sigh and be jealous of your lovely outdoor settings!

Also, I don't know if I already mentioned I'm a new-ish follower (I've had you on my reading list for a bit!) but I love seeing updates! :) Can't wait to see the next one.

Alexandra Marie said...

Aww, thank you so mcuh! I am so glad that my posts are an inspiration! I visited your blog, and it is lovely as well. How can I follow it? I didn't see a bloglovin' or GFC.

Unknown said...

You have such an adorable blog and an even more adorable sense of style. Your style is unique and oddly is one that is becoming more and more popular. Vintage is definitely the way to go even if it is only modern with vintage touches. Yours is vintage with modern. Definitely a style that suits you for sure.

I just happened to come across this and it's definitely one I will start following. I look forward to more.

Stephy Bee

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much Steph! I have noticed that style has been becoming more popular- which makes me so happy!

Glad to have you following along, headed to check out your blog!

Dus of Cuddly Cacti said...

sounds like an amazing company, really cool to hear how they grew from T's to more. i'm off to check them out now. lucky you to collaborate with them and get this beautiful country dress, so perfect for you! did you contact this company btw or did they contact you? i would love to work w/ more small business and companies with handmade and ethically made items but have a hard time getting started. i'd love any tips if you wouldn't mind, although i know that's a bit of an odd question.
Cuddly Cacti
Mitla Moda

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