A Call to Designers!

August 24, 2013


As many of you know, I absolutely love designing my own clothes. If I had the patience to sew more often, I would be cooking up new designs all of the time! I had got to thinking the other day, and it came to me! I am looking to collaborate with one talented seamstress to design a one of a kind garment. The seamstress can be anyone who has their own Etsy or online store. That way, both she and I can promote the design on our corners of the internet! If you are an online shop owner who makes and designs her own collections, and want to get your name out there, send me an email at Simplicityphoto96@gmail.com. I would love to check out your work and design something with you!

Mina Rachelle said...

I'd love to do this, but sadly I don't have anything in my Etsy shop yet. Please do this again soon! :)

Alexandra Marie said...

That would be so fun! Let me know when you do <3

Mina Rachelle said...

I will! <3

CBoyer said...

Ahhhhhh!!! If only this opportunity came up a year from now, I would be screaming yes! But, alas, I don't have my own clothing shop, yet. Though I hope to in the near future. As Mina requested please do this again in the future.


The Middle Sister and Singer

P.S. I found your blog recently through Kellie Falconer's Blogger Style Collective, and I started following you via bloglovin.

Alexandra Marie said...

I would love that! You can always shoot me an email when you get your shop set up- just let me know! Following you on Bloglovin' as well <3

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