Farewell, Summer

August 27, 2013

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Alas, Summer is drawing to an end. It has been lovely and difficult all at the same time. There are always things that I love about each season, and of course things that I dislike. Summer is such a slow time of year for everything, work, blogging, life, you know what I mean. Maybe it has to do with the heat-ha! With that said, I can confidently say that I am excited to be moving along into Autumn. There is always more responsibility in the Fall for me. But I feel recharged and ready to move ahead.

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Farewell Summer 001

I just love shooting during golden hour. It's difficult to manage photographing at this time of day, however. Somehow it never seems to fit into our schedule. I guess that is what I get for relying on actual people with lives to take pictures for me. Honestly though, after shooting selfies a couple of months ago, I can't imagine it any other way! I really do feel so blessed to have such giving helpers- they make my life one hundred times easier.

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Do you girls remember the cupcake post I did a few weeks ago? Well, Jenna's is up now too! Be sure and stop by her blog to have a look!

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Blouse: thrifted
Skirt: old
Shoes: Ebay
Necklace: Forever 21
Bow: A Bow for Teagan

 I will be starting a beauty section here on the blog. For now I will just be posting reviews, unless something changes down the road. 

A Call to Designers!

August 24, 2013


As many of you know, I absolutely love designing my own clothes. If I had the patience to sew more often, I would be cooking up new designs all of the time! I had got to thinking the other day, and it came to me! I am looking to collaborate with one talented seamstress to design a one of a kind garment. The seamstress can be anyone who has their own Etsy or online store. That way, both she and I can promote the design on our corners of the internet! If you are an online shop owner who makes and designs her own collections, and want to get your name out there, send me an email at Simplicityphoto96@gmail.com. I would love to check out your work and design something with you!

Picnic in the Park

August 21, 2013

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In addition to the stylist's collective last month, Kellie of Kellie Falconer Design, offered to send me a second skirt to wear and review. I was super excited because the first skirt was so much fun to style! Today I am wearing her lovely, Blueberry Gingham skirt. As usual, Kellie's craftsmanship can't help but shine through on this beauty! Every seam and gather has been sewn to perfection. I adore the length and the tailored waistband adds a wonderful touch! And, to be honest, this skirt really speaks to my pocket obsession- is that not the cutest addition!? Kellie's skirts just have a way of making you never want to take them off.

Also, a little bird told me that she has a Fall collection coming up in the near future, so be sure and keep an eye on her shop! I just know that the pieces will be incredible!

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I've been getting this temptation to grow my hair out into a little bob with bangs. I have this obsession lately with blunt bangs- they are way too cute. Gah- it's so hard! I know I can always just chop it again, but leaving a haircut that I love so much makes me a little nervous. Plus growing out pixies can be pretty tiresome from what I've heard. I think I could manage to reach my ideal length by January if I can stick with it. What do you girls think? Should I try it out?

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Kellie Skirt 339
Dress: (worn as a top) Jintas
Blouse: old
Hat: Target
Necklace: Forever 21

Sweet as a Cupcake

August 18, 2013

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Good morning to you all! I have a super fun post for you today!

Jenna from A Beautiful Heart and I got together this week for cupcakes. There's this fabulous little, local bake shop that we'd both been dying to try out, and we are so glad that we did! 

This sweet little dress from Logan's Clothing seemed like the perfect addition to the day! Logan's Clothing is an Etsy shop, and what an adorable one at that! In all seriousness, this is one of the cutest! The shop is stocked with gorgeous vintage pieces that are so chic! 

I love the details on this dress: the lace collar, the buttons, the soft green floral print. It's like vintage perfection! It really actually reminds me a lot of the dress I made this past spring. You can see it here.

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How cute is this ring!? It was sent to me, courtesy of  Letters Earring. If you love novelty jewelry at a great price, this shop is for you! There are eighteen pages of insanely adorable accessories to check out, so be sure and make some time to stop by!

This darling pinwheel ring can be found here. It comes in two colors, gold and silver. It's super nice because the ring is adjustable, so you can wear it, no matter your finger size. I love the simplicity of the design and that it can be paired with so many different looks!

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cupcake pics 001
Dress: c/o Logan's Clothing
Ring: c/o Letters Earrings
Hat: Target
Shoes: Ebay
Lipstick: M.A.C. Lady Danger

Photo Credit: Jenna C.

By the way, if you are interested, I did a super fun photo session for two dear friends of mine. We themed the shoot as vintage boho and the pictures came out super cute! If you want, stop by and have a peek, here!

Country Living

August 13, 2013



Happy Wednesday! Have you all been having a good week? A special happy birthday to my Amigo, Chloe!

Today I am wearing this darling dress from Nooworks. Nooworks is an online store that sells handmade clothing. The shop began with screen printed T's and has now grown into a full brand of unique clothing!

I am wearing the Chambray Country Star Dress. I love the western touches on this frock. It has such a cute Summery look to it. The fabric is super comfy, with a little bit of stretch. I had been planning to pair it with a black belt, but managed to forget. With that in mind... it looks adorable with belts- ha! There's also a nifty little invisible zipper up one side. Best part? It's super affordable! 




It's so hard for me not to be wishing the Summer away at this point. I love Summer, it really is one of my favorite seasons. But there's just something about Fall that gets me excited... every single year. Especially the clothes. I love tights, hats and scarves. Winter is too cold, but Fall is just right. I must have a hard time living in the moment.







I found this hat at Wet Seal last week and was literally SO excited! I've been looking for an affordable wool floppy hat for ages. I couldn't resit picking one up in black and brown. Just a warning, you'll probably be seeing these hats a lot in my posts to come- haha.


Dress: c/o Nooworks
Hat: Wet Seal
Shoes: Payless

Flos Caeli Giveaway winner: Rachelle Marie


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