A Golden Bicycle

July 31, 2013




Today I am featuring this gorgeous dress, courtesy of Sophster Toaster. Can I just start by saying... if you have never been to this Etsy shop, you *must* check it out! Everything from the shop's adorable mascot to the stunning handmade pieces makes this place one of a kind! Miss Melissa, the lovely seamstress also keeps a wonderful blog, so be sure and stop by there as well. You can find her here.

This is the funnest dress ever! I love the girly details- the lace trim, the crystal buttons- I mean really, does it get much better? It really would be perfect for swing dancing. The skirt fans out beautifully when you spin. And of course, you all know I love a good spinning dress- ha! You can find one similar from Melissa here.




I am so happy because I finally made myself buy a mac lipstick! I've been eyeing their cosmetics for the longest time. The price is a bit on the expensive side, but SO worth it! The color is rich, long lasting and it goes on so smooth. Plus it has a wonderful vanilla sent. The color I'm wearing is Lady Danger.




There's some serious California terrain for ya'! It's nice because I usually tend to go with greener locations. In reality most of the surroundings where I live look like this.






Dress: c/o Sophster Toaster
Belt, headband & necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Payless
Lipstick: m.a.c Lady Danger

I also have some exciting news! I am now offering my blog designing services! If you are interested in getting a full blog makeover or just a few fresh touches, shoot me an email at simplicityphoto96@gmail.com

DIY Washi Tape Headband

July 28, 2013

1.You will need: a headband, scissors, a hot glue gun, washi tape ( I got mine here) and a rectangle of fabric for your bow. 2. Wrap your headband with the washi tape. When you get to the ends you can secure with a dot of hot glue. 3. You can find my tutorial for making bows here. Wrap the washi tape around the center of your bow twice and secure with a dot of hot glue. 4. Put on the headband and decide where you want your bow. Then dot some hot glue on the spot of your choice and press on the bow.


And that's all! So easy and so chic! 

Featured on: Buzzfeed

July 26, 2013

Guess what, Ladies? One of my DIYs have been featured on Buzzfeed! Be sure and check it out!



6th Street

July 24, 2013





Happy Wednesday Ladies! Have you all been having a terrific Summer? I don't know about your Girls, but around here the heat is CRAZY! Just this week alone has been in the late 90's early 100's. Never the less, I am trying to enjoy it. I always miss the warmth when Winter rolls around.

The jumper I am wearing was made by me :-) Although I am a little embarrassed to say that- you can probably tell it is really badly sewn. Like I always say, sometimes they turn out, sometimes they don't. It must go along with not using a pattern. I need to train myself to be better about using them. I just never seem to do well when I use one. 




I picked this blouse up at Forever 21 and have been dying to share it on here. I am a big sucker for cute novelty prints- haha.






Jumper: Handmade
Blouse: Forever 21
Shoes: Walmart
Belt: Forever 21
Hat: Dollar Store

Blogger Stylist's Collective

July 17, 2013




I was so excited when Kellie asked me to be a part of her Blogger Stylist's Collective! For those of you who don't know, Kellie is a blogger who sells beautiful handmade clothing! A few other bloggers and I all had the opportunity to style this incredible skirt from her Spring/Summer 2013 line. Let me just say, I have had way too much fun with this piece. Wearing it makes me feel like Cinderella! 

The packaging that the skirt came in was so cute! Everything had such a unique, vintage feel!  

The skirt itself SO well made- Kellie gives so much attention to detail! There are several layers of Tulle so that it looks really romantic and full! The slip underneath is really sturdy and nice quality. My grandmother also made a comment about the excellent stitching (grandmother approved ladies!) 

Be sure and see how these other lovely girls styled this skirt!

And of course our leading lady, 



Funny story! These pictures were actually taken at the Hospital where my aunt is staying. In the middle of our shooting, a security guard pulled up his car and told us we needed to stop! Apparently several people around the hospital grounds had called in on us- don't people have anything better to do? Then the security guard started questioning my sister and I as to what room my aunt was in, the number and the letter, the hospital or the villa ( he was so patronizing!) I'm sure I looked very threatening dressed like this- haha, the life of a fashion blogger! 





In addition I filmed my first ever Style Diary. I apologize for the poor quality- it's our first try with video!

Shoes: Payless
Hat: Grandma's

*Use the code "INTOTHEWOODS" to receive $20 off your purchase at Kellie Falconer Design!
*Valid until July 31st


DIY Pinwheel Necklace

July 14, 2013

Diy pinwheel necklace
Collage1. You'll need a piece of colored paper ( paper with a different color backing works best), scissors, a glue gun, a chain with a fastener at the end, a bead ( I used a faux pearl), and a pair of jewelry pliers. 2. Cut the paper into a 2" inch square and make roughly 1" slits from each corner to the center. 3. Fold down the left corner of each triangle so that they meet in the center. Secure with a dot of glue. 4. Dot some hot glue into the center of the pinwheel and press on the bead. 5. (Pictured below) poke a tiny hole on the back of the pinwheel near the edge with your scissors. With the chain already attached, slip the fastener into the hole. You can poke a second hole with the end of the fastener once it is in the paper (this will seem less complicated when you are actually doing it ;-). Squeeze the fastener shut with jewelry pliers.



Meet Me at The Fair

July 10, 2013




One of my favorite things to do in the Summer is go to the fair. I love everything about it- the exhibits, the colors, the food. It is just one of those things that always makes this time of year complete for me. 

This beautiful romper was sent to me from  Lizzie of  Brass Feather. Brass Feather sells vintage clothes with a bit of a Boho/Free People vibe. In addition Lizzie makes an assortment of lovely, custom denim shorts. 

I am so in love with this romper. I might go as far as to say it is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe right now. The soft purple and pink florals are wonderful for Summer or Spring (I love a piece that can go for several seasons)! Pair the sweetheart neckline with those pearl buttons and there you have it: instant perfection- ha! 

Make sure and take a peek at Lizzie's shop!




I finally braved violet lipstick! I've been debating it for a while now, but I figured the fair would be the best place to try something colorful and new, right? Turns out I really love it! 








Romper: c/o Brass Feather
Shirt: Old
Earrings: Gift
Ring: Old
Shoes: Payless

I had some time to shoot a few video clips- they are pretty shaky but I thought you all might enjoy it anyways. Happy Wednesday!

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