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June 28, 2013

I super excited to announce that llana of My Modern Vintage has featured me as Blogger of the Month! So be sure to head on over and check out the interview!


In a World of My Own

June 25, 2013


Today I am wearing a lovely kelly green blouse from Payton of Brown Eyed Girl Vintage. Brown Eyed Girl is an Etsy shop that features "an array of  quirky" vintage clothing. Payton does a wonderful job of finding unique, one of a kind pieces to sell in her online store. There are also currently some lovely little summer dresses in her shop, so be sure and have a look!

This top is so fun! It reminds me of the girl scouts in a way. I love the collar and the tie front. The best part is that it is so unique! This blouse is a piece that would usually be out of my comfort zone because I have a tendency to stick with muted florals. But the wonderful thing is that it pushes me to be a little more bold and pull out of the usual style routine, while keeping in touch with my vintage side. Have any of you ever had a piece in your closet that did the same sort of thing for you?





I found this lipstick at Walmart a few days ago. It is a really pretty, shimmery watermelon color. I picked it up for $1! Seriously, you can't beat that! The brand is Wet & Wild. I've always liked my other makeup products from W&W, but was a little apprehensive about such cheap lipstick. To my surprise the color is highly pigmented and  goes on really smoothly. Plus it stayed on nearly all day after only one coat! 


Top: Courtesy of Brown Eyed Girl Vintage
Shorts: Garage Sale
Shoes: Payless
Belt: Old

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Somewhere in Time

June 19, 2013



Happy Thursday Ladies! As we move along into late June life seems to be in full swing! The pictures for this post were self portraits this time around. Fellow fashion bloggers: for those of you who use a self timer and tripod every week... kudos to you! This was one of the most difficult and tiring things to be doing on a hot, sticky Summer day- haha. Hopefully I won't have to do it again- between the gnats, spider webs in the trees, muddy dirt and running back and fourth, well let's just say it wasn't so much of a "lovely" June day- lol. Anyways, I'll stop complaining and turn the subject to a more happy note!

Today I am featuring this beautiful skirt sent to me from Jaci of Paper Darlings. Paper Darlings is an Etsy shop that sells pretty much everything vintage! It's a great place to pick up nick knacks and decor for your home and something to lovely to wear while your at it! She has several pages of different treasures, so make sure you see them all!

This skirt is so lovely. The length is super nice. I find it very difficult to discover skirts in good lengths these days, especially for us tall ladies ;-) Best part? It has pockets! Pockets always have a way of making me very happy. The material is really nice for summer and so is the pretty sky blue color! I titled this post, " Somewhere in Time" because the outfit reminds me of something Elise Mkenna would wear ( in a more modern version of course ;-) Have any of you seen that movie? One of my faves!




Be sure and check out my latest post on Beautiful in God's Eyes



Skirt: Courtesy of Paper Darlings
Blouse: Kohls
Pearls: Gift
Shoes: Ebay
Hat: Target

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DIY Vintage Cabochon Sunnies

June 17, 2013

IMG_6678pinterest Collage

                                                                                                                                                                                          1.                                                                1. You'll need a pair of sunglasses, at least two vintage cabochons ( I used clip on earrings with the backs removed), a hot glue gun and four faux pearls. 2. Dab a dot of glue to the upper corner of  your glasses. 3. Press the cabochon into the glue firmly. 4. Glue one pearl on each side of the cabochons.                      

Inspiration :

Voila! It's easy and oh so chic! I've been noticing a growing trend with these glasses and decided I would have to make a pair. Let me know if you try this, and if you feel so inclined, leave a link to an image of your rendition!


Garden Walk

June 14, 2013




Happy Friday Lovelies! Hope you've had a beautiful week! It's been pretty busy around here lately. Just in the past week I've had two photo-shoots. And now I am trying to get over this little sore throat I've had in the last few days. Ah, la vie.

Today I am featuring this beautiful vintage dress sent to me from Ashlee of Tiara Shop. I just love Ashlee's Etsy shop! She sells anything from women's, children's and men's vintage clothes to handmade paper goods! And you know me- anything vintage is a winner on my list! She sports great customer service, always friendly and professional. I look forward to purchasing some treasures from her in the future :-)

I can't say enough about this dress! The print is simply charming and beautiful. I love the colors- they are so vintage and they go with a lot of different things in my wardrobe ( I see a remix coming someday ;-). Of course I have to point out all of the lovely details, being consistent with my OCD-like nature- ha! This dress has the most lovely square neck and little pleated sleeves. And the best part? The skirt looks amazing when you twirl!








Oh! I have written my first ever bible study post on Beautiful in God's Eyes. Make sure you check it out! 






Dress: Courtesy of Tiara Shop
Necklace and Flower: Forever 21
Belt: Forever 21
Tights: Target
Shoes: Ebay
Headband: DIY

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Fun in the Sun

June 6, 2013




Happy Thursday to you all! I hope you are all having a fantastic week! It's funny because my once a week posting used to seem like a good plan, but these days I feel like once a week is so little. Sigh... someday maybe I'll have the time to post more often. 

I'm really excited to be featuring this beautiful vintage romper from Houuse of Wren Vintage! Houuse of Wren (not a typo by the way- it's spelled with two u's ;-) is an Etsy shop that sells everything from (ready for it?) vintage clothes, accessories, bags and shoes to  handmade items and vintage kitchen supplies! If that doesn't sound like a vintage hot spot, I don't know what does! And for all you vintage clothing lovers- I spied some really pretty little numbers in her shop this afternoon- make sure you check them out!

This romper is so cute! First off, I love the color- the deep royal blue looks so pretty against the soft floral accents. The collar just adds the perfect touch. And there's one more detail I must point out. Do you spy those heart shaped buttons? How sweet is that? I styled it with my yellow cotton skirt- just goes to show you how versatile it is! I can wear it two ways now instead of just one. As a plain romper it is adorable as well- I hope to do another post in the future where it is styled with a belt. Can't wait!





I'm guessing that you all may be a little confused about the blog's new look and name. I am here to enlighten you! There are some really exciting changes going on around here. 

For a while now it has been on my heart to start a sister blog that is purely for my love of Jesus Christ. You all (of course ;-) know that I am a major vintage and fashion guru. But I've been wanting to give God more glorification on my blog lately. So here is what I did...  there are now two blogs. Into the Woods is my personal style blog which is located at the same web address as usual- tobebeautifulingodseyes.blogspot.com. Beautiful in God's Eyes is my daily observations blog. This includes bible studies, verses and things that God has put on my heart to share with you. This blog will be at the web address shesbeautifulingodseyes.blogspot.com. I know this is probably a little confusing right now, but hopefully as you explore both blogs you will get a better feel for what I'll be doing. You can follow the new blog via Bloglovin'

Also, while I am on the subject- thank you to everyone who followed me on Bloglovin' this week! For anyone who didn't get a chance to read last weeks post- I am encouraging any who want to continue following (what is now called ;-) Into the Woods to stop by Bloglovin' and give me a follow. With the departure of GFC I would hate to lose any of you! 








Collage cd



Romper: Courtesy of Houuse of Wren
Skirt: Handmade
Hat: Grandma's
Shoes: Payless
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