Second Star to the Right

May 30, 2013


This incredibly lovely dress was sent to me from Kelly of Nameless Cat Vintage. I just love Kelly's Etsy shop- it has such a whimsical, fairy-tale feeling to it. All of her clothing is so unique and playful! Make sure you get a chance to have a look, she's got some great pieces to snag!

I love this dress for many different reasons. For one, the material is SO comfortable! And it doesn't wrinkle 
(a huge plus for me). It appears to be handmade, and whoever sewed this did an excellent job. All of the stripes match up at the seams ( my grandma was very impressed by this-hehe). And I am so curious as to how the skirt was hemmed with such perfection- you can't even see the stitching! Uh-oh, now I have a whole new skill to master this Summer! If you love this dress as much as I do, you can find a somewhat similar one in her shop here

I titled this post Second Star to the Right because this outfit sort of reminds me of Wendy from Peter Pan. See what I mean?







Aren't these bows amazing? Can I just say right now... best accessory ever. These were sent to me from Amanda of A Bow for Teagan. She handmade these and they are so nice! The quality is just impeccable. The material feels like a sturdy cotton of some sort so the bows have a very expensive feel to them. But hey! Best part! They are oh so affordable! These particular bows came in a set of three for $10! Alright ladies, that's better than Charming Charlie's prices right there. 

One thing you may notice is that the bows in the shop come on little headbands. Amanda posts the cutest pictures on Instagram of her adorable daughter, Teagan (hence the shop name :-). So the shop is inspired for little ones. With that said, Amanda did the greatest thing for me and put my bows on strong little clips. If you are wanting to pick some up I'm sure she would do the same for you!




Collared Shirt: Old
Shoes: Ebay

One more thing! Many of you have probably heard of the scare about GFC closing down.  I wanted to look into it before I made a big deal on here. But now after researching, unfortunately it seems to be true. I think a lot of us are a little unsure of what to do. Let's be honest, building up a following isn't super easy and we're all thinking, now what? So I have a plan. I would love it if anyone who wants to continue following would join through Beautiful in God's Eyes via Bloglovin'. I am also making a list of all who follow this blog via GFC so that I can do the same for you. This is a big change but we're all in this together! 

Hello Daisy

May 23, 2013
















Dress: Courtesy of Laels Uptown Vintage
Shirt: Kohls
Hat: Target
Shoes: Payless

Hello Lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful week! I can happily say that it's really starting to feel like Summer. Although, if I know myself, as soon as the warm weather hits I'll be ready for it to leave again- haha.

Today I am very excited to be featuring this beautiful vintage dress sent to me from Cindy of Laels Uptown Vintage! Let me just start by saying Cindy has a lovely etsy shop, filled with all sorts of vintage treasures! Anything from jewelry and antiques to home decor and vintage clothing- you'll find it in her store. This particular dress is super comfortable and easy to wear. It's made from the nicest pink cotton ( perfect for the season, I may add ;-) I love the pretty floral accents, they add such a feminine touch! If you haven't had the opportunity to check out Cindy's shop, please do! 

That Time of Year

May 18, 2013




IMG_0050 IMG_0049 IMG_0039 Collage2 IMG_0085 IMG_0211 IMG_0258 Collage 

IMG_0292 IMG_0272

Dress 1:  H&M
Dress 2:   Forever 21
Necklace & Ring:  Forever 21
Hair Bow:  Handmade
Tights: Target
Shoes:  Payless

How has your week been? I'm guessing that for a lot of you it's been fairly hectic- that time of year again! Honestly, I'm really excited for Summer. I know once the heat sets in I'll be saying otherwise, but I just love the inspiration of the season! 

Today I had a really lovely outing and had the opportunity to spend some time outdoors. Sometimes I feel like I don't get out often enough, so days like these are so refreshing! 

Aren't the strawberries so pretty? Let me just say that I enjoyed the post VERY much- haha. Nothing like eating your props! But really, all kidding aside, these are literally the best strawberries I've had in ages. A little random, I know :-)

I hope you all enjoy your weekend! 


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Crown of Flowers

May 11, 2013
















I've been really excited to share this post with you all because I made this dress! Two weeks ago I found the fabric in my closet and thought, I really need to make something from this. So I took out my sewing machine and scissors and made a dress. The best part is that I didn't use a pattern so it is my own design! It took me three days to finish, but I think the end product was worth the effort- I'm really happy with how it turned out!

On another note, the weather today was SO nice! I have one complaint, however. It was super windy, and that never means good things while trying to take outfit pictures. I had so many throw away shots with my hair sticking straight up in the breeze, haha! Also, my shots are a little over exposed in the background today, my apologies! We had to shoot in pretty bright sunlight.

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post- I appreciate every single one!

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