Frozen Peppermint Hot Cocoa

December 17, 2012

Some of you may remember way back when I posted about frozen hot cocoa? Well it's back, with a touch of Christmas, haha. This is super easy to make and it's delicious :-)




-Two hot chocolate packets
-2 candy canes
-Vanilla creamer
-2 cups of ice

Empty hot chocolate packets into the blender. Add two cups of ice. Pour in milk until it comes just above the ice. Add about a tablespoon of vanilla creamer. 

In a plastic bag, crush the candy canes ( I used an ice cream scoop to smash them with). May I remark this part is great fun- hehe. Empty half the candy can pieces into the blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a tall glass and garnish with the other half of candy cane pieces. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment! Enjoy! 
Noelle said...

YUM!!!! That looks sooo good!!! Oh yeah! I <3 your photography, and i just wanted to let you know i am having a Winter photo challenge on ym blog and i thought you migh tbe interested ; )

Merry (Early) Christmas!


Noelle : )

Sarah Gracen said...

Ooh that looks good but still I prefer warm drinks in Christmas so my moms
Homemade peppermint Hot Chocolate will do for me :D
Your Friend
Poem Girl

Anna said...

Looks delicious!! :)

Alexandra Marie said...

Thanks! I will head over to your blog and check into it ;-)

Alexandra Marie said...

Haha, yeah I know, it's not super practical but I have always been a sucker for the frozen drinks :-D

Chloe Ann said...

Wow! That was really good! It tasted like a starbucks drink! :D I like frozen drinks because they taste like icecream or milkshakes sometimes :D

Alexandra Marie said...

I know! That's why I like it too ( I'm an icecream girl ;-b

. said...

Reminds me of what I had today: Extra Mocha decaf iced from The Coffee Bean. :P Yummy!

Alexandra Marie said...

Now you can make it from home! Yea!! haha

Jenna Leigh said...


Alexandra Marie said...

It really is sooo good- you should try it :-b

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