1 Minute Cake in a Mug

September 4, 2012


- 2 Tbs flour
- 1 1/2 Tbs sugar
- 1/4 tsp baking powder
- 1 shake of salt ( from a salt shaker)
- 2 Tbs milk
- 1/2 tsp butter
- 1/4 tsp vanilla

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Poor mixture into greased mug. Microwave on high for one minute. 


-2 Tbs powder sugar
-1 tsp butter
-1 Tbs milk
-1/4 tsp vanilla

Mix all together. For thicker frosting add more sugar. 

Chloe Ann said...


Anna said...

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Looks delicious, by the way. :)


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Piano Bookworm said...

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Emma Vogelsang said...

Yum! I am so going to try it.


Leighanna Rose said...

I just made it and it was delicious!! We grind our own flour, so that was even healthier!
I'm following you! Could you follow me back?

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much! I'm following you back <3

Alexandra Marie said...

So glad you tried it! That's so cool that you grind your own flour!
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Hannah banana said...

That looks so good!!!

Alexandra Marie said...

haha, thanks-- it actually turned out pretty tasty :-b

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Alexandra Marie said...

Hi Meena! Wow, thank you so much-- that is very generous of you <3 I would love that!

What all would it entail? Would I be able to have some opinion in how it looks?

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You're very welcome :D

Katarina said...

looks great!

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Alexandra Marie said...

Thanks :-) What is your blog address?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this quick sweet treat! There are dozens of mug cake recipes on Pinterest, but yours came recommended by a friend. I think my microwave wattage might be a little higher, because my cake came out slightly tough. I think next time I would shorten my bake time by 10-15 seconds. And I scaled back on the milk in the frosting, for a thicker frosting. For those not familiar with making frosting from scratch, it is best to mix the butter and sugar first, and add the milk and vanilla last -- easier to mix together and comes out creamier. This made a nice little cupcake-size treat with a glaze-like frosting. Sprinkles made it look adorable on the plate! My kids would love helping me make these. Thanks again!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much! I am so glad that this recipe has been useful for you!

Anonymous said...

I just made this!! It's sooo good!! Thank you!!! :)

Kristen said...

This is the microwave right now ... I doubled the recipe to have enough to share. I misread the butter being a teaspoon and put in a TBS - I'll let you know

Anonymous said...

My daughter made the dry mix in little jars as her Christmas gifts for me. I love the cake so much that I asked her to share your link to me. As a lactose intolerance, I used lactaid milk and pareve margarine. Sorry I can't say about the frosting as I am not into extra sugar Thank you for being creative and sharing this recipe.

Alexandra Marie said...

@anonymous What a sweet story! I am so glad that the recipe is useful for you!!

Anonymous said...

It is certainly more than useful. Thank you so much.

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