Temecula Chalk Festival

June 29, 2012

Last weekend we trekked on over to the Temecula Chalk Festival ( it's called something like that!) Basically a bunch of locals are assigned a square and, using chalk, create amazing artwork! If you haven't gone before I highly recommend that you do!

This year is especially exciting because our friend participated! He did a great job!

Oh yea, I sort of took a TON of pictures! ha ha. A good blogger would probably only share a few, but... I can't resist!

While in Old Town, we stopped in this adorable boutique-- so many pretty things!

I'm smitten with these pretty burlap tags!

In the reflection of a silver ball thingy :-b

Oh I LOVE this bedding! So pretty

Chloe and I

 Lovely comforters <3

 Vintage Jewelry

An Tent Art Gallery-- So Amazing!

Here is the one our friend did, isn't it good? It amazes me how people can draw on such a large scale, on such uneven ground with chalk and have it look so great!

 Top: Coldwater Creek
Cardigan: Forever 21
Skirt: Kohls
Shoes: Online ( can't recall)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for bringing back the fun memories of Old Town! It is my birthday next month! And I am thinking of giving myself the day of and spend it in Old Town... All BY MYSELF!

I am heading to Valley Center tomorrow (with C and T) the Keys Lavender Fields.
I will also take a lot of photo's. If you have nothing to do come on over.
It will be hot but fun!



Alexandra Marie said...

How exciting! Yes, Old Town is a wonderful place for some old fashioned nostalgia <3

Oh I wish I could! I need to work on getting my licence or something- ha ha. I didn't realize we had lavender fields near by, how beautiful!
Can't wait to see your shots!

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