Book Artwork

May 28, 2012

How many post titles do I have now that say that? ha ha. I guess I've just been really inspired to draw stuff for my book. In a way it helps me visualize. I am really excited because I have finally broken the ducky lip curse ( Laura, you know what I mean ;-) and I drew a guy!!! There are still some things to work through but it is an improvement from my past guys. I also drew a picture of my character in combat. I played with the hair in the last picture :-b Above the pictures that are actually from scenes in my book, I included a small excerpt from that section.

Hope you enjoy!

“ No, I wish I could do as you ask but it is not the same, it can’t ever be,” James continued, holding Bethan’s hand in his, and she watched him intently

"Bethan’s boots sunk deep into the mud as she ran, until she found a staircase in the ruins and galloped up them in panic."

Unknown said...

OMG Alex! you are so talented!
You need to teach me to sketch!


Unknown said...

Love your GUY!

Alexandra Marie said...

Thank you so much! I would love to-- it's really fun and actually pretty easy :-)

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