Roses and Chalkboads

April 21, 2012

Funny title isn't it? Roses and Chalkboards... both chic and timeless. It would then make sense that they should be used in an fashion post, no? ha ha. Sooo, needless to say I did a few fun pics with both. The skirt I am wearing is really a sundress. I just folded down the bodice. Worked great! At least with this style of dress. I was sort of lazy today and only edited a few of the pics. BTW, I took these with my self timer and tripod, so that is why the quality stinks ( as it does on all of my outfit posts) :-b lol

    My pc has been out for a few days because a dog chewed up my battery cord, so I haven't posted much recently.

Unknown said...

Hey Alex,
I really love the first photo!
Even though you think it "stinks"!
Because it turned out so bad looking... it gives it the look as if it is an old photo!
The paper rose with the ring in it is beautiful!

How did you make that rose?

I am your newest follower! ;)

Alexandra Marie said...

Hi <3 Thanks-- I actually did edit that one to look like an old photo-- I'm glad it looks like one! Here is the link for the rose tutorial
Thanks for following and commenting!

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