Mason Jars

February 29, 2012

I have this new love for mason jars! They are so beautiful, especially in blue! Recently my mom picked me up some of these jars at a garage sale. I found out later that they are vintage jars ranging from the late 1800's to the 1920's! And the best part is that they cost us only 50 cents a piece! I will post pictures of what I used them for a little later. Moral of that story: if you have any mason jars-- don't get rid of them!! ha ha

Vintage Jewelry

As I promised, I have pictures of my great grandmother's jewelry! Each piece is so stunning-- I feel so privlaged to have them in my family!! Also, I just wanted to thank you all for following my blog. It means so much to me to have your support!

Winter Camp

February 27, 2012

 As some of you know I left for Winter Camp with my youth group on Friday. I had a lovely time and was blessed by meeting some amazing people. The experience was very eye opening and I can't wait to share some awesome things I learned at camp on this blog.
     I thought I would share some pictures with you all really quickly :-D

Pinecone in the snow

                                                      Sarah, my "roommate" with a snowball

                                                          Issac getting hit by a snowball

                                              My other roommates, Abby ( eating licorice) and Taylor

                                                                       Abby and I

Abby and Taylor

Abby doing Hailey's hair

                                               These pictures are terrible, my apologies-- poor lighting


                                                                           Playing ukulele

Group Picture ( I am on the right, not looking at the camera) ha ha

                                                                          Sarah and I

                                                                  Jenny jumping off the log

The girl's "cabin." 

                                                                    Marissa playing volleyball

                                                                     Making our team flag

Waiting for the Bus

Some of the kids trying to play cards on the bus. Yes they are using a pillow for a table, ha ha

February 23, 2012

Arcylic Paint
Jewelry box
Clear Spray Enamel
Paint Brush

    Coat the entire box with arcylic paint. Paint the box with several more coats until the color is solid. Wait for the box to dry. Spray clear enamel over entire box-- at least two coats. If you want a more distressed look, rub the paint before spraying enamel with light sandpaper.

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