Scavenger Hunt

January 26, 2012

   You know, every now and then I run out of things to re-purpose. It sounds crazy I know, but you can only go garage/closet/attic hunting so often before you've re-purposed it all! (nearly anyways) :-D So I like to say I'm on a little scavenger hunt. If you have any of the stuff on this list below that you are wanting to get rid of, let me know by leaving a comment on this post-- in fact, if you would like, I will do a giveaway of the things I make from the old stuff. I love taking unwanted things and giving them a little tlc...

1. A small wooden crate
2. Jewelry box
3. Any kind of Jewelry ( even if you think it is really ugly)
4. leather/suede anything ( purses, skirts etc. The size doesn't matter)
5. Clothes Pins
6. Anything at all! Even if you think it is too outdated, to old, too big, it doesn't matter!
You can make something from everything :-D
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