Jewelry Collection Continued

January 23, 2012

I've been working on my jewelry collection, iben élégance. I am really excited to add these new pieces! Be sure to note that you can't really pre-order lengths, I have each piece's length marked in their individual description. If you are interested you can email me at

Peacock Necklace
 This necklace is a fun accessory to have in your collection. The X Long, brass colored chain accents the bright peacock feather pendant. This necklace is lovely with the peacock earrings. 

Peacock Earrings
   These earrings are made to match the peacock necklace. Earring hooks are brass in color. Each earring has a bright, dangling peacock feather. 

Owl Earrings
  These earrings are too much fun! Each owl is a brass color with black crystal eyes. 

Homemade Hair Bows
  I just love bows! They add a really feminine element to an outfit. Each bow has a small barrette or bobby pin on the back. The navy blue bows have all been sold but you can order as many of the other ones as you would like :-D
.50 cents each

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