Big Hair Tutorial

January 29, 2012

Ever wanted big hair, but no matter how hard you curl and cover with products, nothing happens? Try this simple tutorial and you'll have wavy hair in no time!

1. Put hair into little buns all over head and secure with bobby pins. Spray with a little hairspray and wear over night

2. Take out bobby pins and lightly finger comb through hair. Flip hair over and spray with hairspray underneath

3. Flip back to normal and part hair at the side. Spray hair with hairspray and fluff, scrunch, fluff, scrunch!
Flip over a few times. Continue to spray and scrunch until your hair gets really big.
Your hair should look sort of like this...

 Yes, I can't stand these pictures of me but oh well :-b

 My hair is naturally wavy and a little course so it works a little better than some, but if you have straighter hair, try this and leave a comment to tell me how it worked for you!
Laurie said...

You are adorable and your hair is GORGEOUS! I should try this with Bella's hair though. Thanks for the tutorial! :)

Alexandra Marie said...

Aww, thanks!

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