Big Hair Tutorial

January 29, 2012

Ever wanted big hair, but no matter how hard you curl and cover with products, nothing happens? Try this simple tutorial and you'll have wavy hair in no time!

1. Put hair into little buns all over head and secure with bobby pins. Spray with a little hairspray and wear over night

2. Take out bobby pins and lightly finger comb through hair. Flip hair over and spray with hairspray underneath

3. Flip back to normal and part hair at the side. Spray hair with hairspray and fluff, scrunch, fluff, scrunch!
Flip over a few times. Continue to spray and scrunch until your hair gets really big.
Your hair should look sort of like this...

 Yes, I can't stand these pictures of me but oh well :-b

 My hair is naturally wavy and a little course so it works a little better than some, but if you have straighter hair, try this and leave a comment to tell me how it worked for you!

Iben élégance Giveaway!

Yea! I am really excited to be featuring my first giveaway! A pair of handmade earrings from my collection iben élégance :-D Here's how to enter ( and you have a good chance because I have a small blog!!)

1. Tell at least four people you know about my blog and give them the web address
2. Leave a comment with your name
3. I will announce the winner in late February

Hair Tutorial

January 27, 2012

This is a great hair tutorial! Be sure to check it out!

True Vintage

January 26, 2012

   So I am very excited because today I spent the afternoon exploring my garage. Why so exciting? Because buried in my cave of a garage are a bunch of treasures! Garage diving is time consuming but it is very rewarding. The results are particularly fun if you have a grandmother who lives with you! I snapped some pictures so that I could show you all my awesome finds!

Who doesn't love precious stone? Especially Jade. It has such a pretty green color and is really nice and smooth. This bracelet belongs to my grandma...

This gold bracelet is my grandma's from the 50's!

This is one of my favorites! A vintage gold locket. You can actually read the inscription on the back of it! Inside my grandma kept a photo of her father :-D

This necklace isn't quite as old but it is real and very pretty! Pearls are so classic and this has such a fun twist.

I was so thrilled with these! This is an old pair of pink, horn rimmed glasses. They are way to cute 
Oh yes, and my nails look terrible! Haven't gotten around to painting them ...

I love the rhinestone details!!!

This book is so cool! It is my grandma's baby book from 1929!!!

While on the subject, here is my grandmother's baby hair brush and comb! 

These are little film pictures from 1948 and then on.

My grandparent's boat

My great grandma and three uncles

My uncle dressed up like a monkey!

My grandma and uncle

This purse was my great grandmother's. It is in perfect condition!

All the stuff from here on isn't really that vintage but... they have re-purposing potential!!

This is a very nostalgic 80's dress. I can't wait to change it up!

I bought these napkins a few years ago to make into little beach bags. I lost them after we moved and today I found them again! I have enough to make two bags so if anyone wants the extra bag let me know :-D

I also found... sunglasses, a necklace, shirt, comfy sweater, some coins and a really good book!

And the best find of the afternoon... An SLR camera!!! 

Scavenger Hunt

   You know, every now and then I run out of things to re-purpose. It sounds crazy I know, but you can only go garage/closet/attic hunting so often before you've re-purposed it all! (nearly anyways) :-D So I like to say I'm on a little scavenger hunt. If you have any of the stuff on this list below that you are wanting to get rid of, let me know by leaving a comment on this post-- in fact, if you would like, I will do a giveaway of the things I make from the old stuff. I love taking unwanted things and giving them a little tlc...

1. A small wooden crate
2. Jewelry box
3. Any kind of Jewelry ( even if you think it is really ugly)
4. leather/suede anything ( purses, skirts etc. The size doesn't matter)
5. Clothes Pins
6. Anything at all! Even if you think it is too outdated, to old, too big, it doesn't matter!
You can make something from everything :-D

Jewelry Collection Continued

January 23, 2012

I've been working on my jewelry collection, iben élégance. I am really excited to add these new pieces! Be sure to note that you can't really pre-order lengths, I have each piece's length marked in their individual description. If you are interested you can email me at

Peacock Necklace
 This necklace is a fun accessory to have in your collection. The X Long, brass colored chain accents the bright peacock feather pendant. This necklace is lovely with the peacock earrings. 

Peacock Earrings
   These earrings are made to match the peacock necklace. Earring hooks are brass in color. Each earring has a bright, dangling peacock feather. 

Owl Earrings
  These earrings are too much fun! Each owl is a brass color with black crystal eyes. 

Homemade Hair Bows
  I just love bows! They add a really feminine element to an outfit. Each bow has a small barrette or bobby pin on the back. The navy blue bows have all been sold but you can order as many of the other ones as you would like :-D
.50 cents each

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