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December 28, 2011

How to Wear Tights

Textured, Printed, Opaque, & Sheer Tights, Fishnets & Leggings

How to wear tights - Levante wool rib tights, FigLeaves.com
How to wear tights - Levante wool rib tights, FigLeaves.com
Find out the difference between textured, printed, opaque, sheer and footless tights and leggings, fishnet stockings, & panty-hose, & how to wear them year-round.
Textured, printed, opaque, sheer and footless tights and leggings, fishnet stockings, and panty-hose... you've got tons of options when it comes to hosiery, but all that lingerie jargon - hold ups, control-top, knee-high - can get a little confusing. Hosiery can be lumped into three basic categories: tights (opaque or sheer, footed or footless), sheer or fishnet stockings (hold-ups or with garter belts), and leggings or footless tights.

Footed Tights

Sheer & Opaque Tights
Before shopping for tights, familiarize yourself with the term, "denier." This refers to the sheerness of the tight. The lower the denier, the sheerer the hosiery will be on your leg. A high denier is of course more opaque, and will result in a thicker tight with more saturated color.
Denier less than 10 is barely there. Such tights are perfect for warmer weather or at formal occasions. Tights with a denier between 10 and 20 are the most popular sheer hosiery because they are practical, durable, and still leave your legs looking only lightly covered. Denier between 25 and 35 is semi-opaque and above 40 is totally opaque.

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Colored Tights

With not a glimpse of your skin visible through the tights, 40-plus denier is perfect for colder weather and bright, vibrant colors like red, burnt orange, purple, burgundy, hot pink, ballet pink, turquoise, textured nude black, brown and striped. If you're wearing color, keep your legs neutral with black, gray, or brown. If you're wearing neutral tones and feel like having a bit of extra fun, go ahead and jazz up your stems with an eye-popping pair of tights.
When deciding what color you're going to tint your lower half, anything goes... almost. Pick deeply saturated shades in season-appropriate colors. Deep burgundies, reds, purples, browns, grays and black are your top picks for the colder months, and eye-popping, vibrant tints such as turquoise and magenta fun warmer weather choices. Always avoid lighter tones like peach, beige or pale yellow, unless you're layering with a fishnet over top.

Textured Tights

If you're not a fan of intense color, or if you just want to change it up, slip on a pair of top quality sheer tights in neutral tones or patterned textures to beautify your legs.

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