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December 11, 2011

   So I have finally began a new line of jewelry, iben élégance.  I tried to infuse urban styles and earth tones, yet with a touch of elegance. This particular collection is here just in time for Christmas and, if you are interested,  they are on discount for the season. Each piece is handcrafted. These pictures are not the best, my apologies! Also be sure to note that the necklaces are hung shorter on the necklace form for photograph purposes. True lengths are listed in each description. If you are interested in any of my pieces, email me on the email posted under my "submissions" page. 

Length Guide
This necklace is a lovely silver tone. The chain is a smooth, simple design with a hook clasp for easy wear. Attached to the chain is a fun scrolled pendant with a smokey blue crystal in the center. This necklace hangs in the long size. $5.00

This necklace is is a muted bronze tone. The chain is fun with different sized round links. Attached to the chain are to aqua blue "crystals." At the end of the chain is a beautiful, detailed bronze parrot. The pictures make this necklace look gold, but I assure you it is bronze. This necklace hangs in the X long size. If you purchase the matching earrings below, I can give you a package deal, just be sure to let me know and we can work something out. $7.00

This necklace is a shiny black tone. This chain consists of different sized links as well. At the end, a glass pearl cluster with pink crystals is attached. The crystal were so sparkly when I took the pictures that you can hardly make out the pendant in the second picture! This necklace hangs at the X long length. It is perfect for that touch of class! $5.00

These earrings are sold separately from one another. The first pair is a perfect match to the bronze parrot necklace above! These earrings are just the thing your wardrobe has been asking for! $4.00

The second pair is an adorable set of silver toned owls, a must have for every closet! $3.00

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