Community Sale Treasures!

October 13, 2011

My sale was successful. These are my finds. Unfortunately it is dark so my pics are poor quality. I wanted you all to see them though ;-D 

These are earrings from the sale that I purchased for 50 cents. 
I just want to take off a few links because they are a bit long
for my taste.

This is a pair of pin striped pants I got for 2 bucks. They are somewhat ugly now
but I want to make them into shorts.

I was very excited to find this one... a real cashmere sweater for 2 bucks. 
It is from Lands End and is in perfect condition. It is heather gray.

This hoodie isn't anything spectacular but it is something I can use for work or around the house.

There was A LOT of fabric and I purchased all this for 75 cents. The 
pieces I bought are really big too. I haven't measured them yet but
there is enough to make a skirt, top and a headband.

Basic tank top for 50 cents. I bought this one in red and another in teal.

This is a big and bulky charm bracelet. I am going to remove the charms and make them into

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