Putting Sale Fabric to Use

October 20, 2011

Here is what I made with some of the fabric. This is not the greatest picture but I was eager to post it. This dress cost me 25 cents!

Community Sale Treasures!

October 13, 2011

My sale was successful. These are my finds. Unfortunately it is dark so my pics are poor quality. I wanted you all to see them though ;-D 

These are earrings from the sale that I purchased for 50 cents. 
I just want to take off a few links because they are a bit long
for my taste.

This is a pair of pin striped pants I got for 2 bucks. They are somewhat ugly now
but I want to make them into shorts.

I was very excited to find this one... a real cashmere sweater for 2 bucks. 
It is from Lands End and is in perfect condition. It is heather gray.

This hoodie isn't anything spectacular but it is something I can use for work or around the house.

There was A LOT of fabric and I purchased all this for 75 cents. The 
pieces I bought are really big too. I haven't measured them yet but
there is enough to make a skirt, top and a headband.

Basic tank top for 50 cents. I bought this one in red and another in teal.

This is a big and bulky charm bracelet. I am going to remove the charms and make them into

Casual Wear

October 10, 2011

Casual Wear

Community Sale Bliss

October 5, 2011

Today I am preparing for the long awaited community sale in aguanga. Every year a senior community brings a ton of stuff to sell at their community center. The sale is HUGE! Not to mention the prices are amazing. Last year the skirts were 50 cents a piece! It is always a great opportunity for re purposing things. Needless to say I will be sure to post pics of my finds and then show you what I did to change them up :-D

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