Planning Ahead: 2018

January 14, 2018

_79A1811 There's something about keeping a tangible planner that just really works for me. I know a lot of business owners and industry professionals have made the switch over to digital scheduling, which I absolutely take advantage of. But I am definitely a person who benefits from managing both. I love being able to hand write in my meetings, photo sessions and work days - it's almost a memory trigger. On that note, I'm super picky about the types of planners I will use. If the planner doesn't meet certain criteria, I know that I literally will never use it. Funny how that works, right? These gorgeous planners from Horacio Printing are my FAVORITE. And here's why. Every planner has a stunning hard cover and thick quality pages so that it stays in tact with a lot of use. My planner from last year held up amazingly and I definitely put it to work. This planner also has some super cool organizational features like week at a glance, goal setting exercises every season and space for notes. If you're looking for your 2018 day planner - pick this one up! Seriously, I can't recommend these enough - they are the BOMB. _79A1833 _79A1818 _79A1853
June said...

Making detailed plans before doing things will greatly increase our efficiency. I like this way.

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