Our Apartment Tour 01.

July 9, 2017

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No 01. 
It's been a good few weeks since the wedding, and Jon and I have had some time to spend arranging the apartment. It's super fun to finally display the pieces I've been collecting from antique and thrift stores all up the East Coast! The space I'm sharing with you today is our coffee bar, and my personal favorite corner of the apartment. Jonathan built this beautiful wood bar for me - he's building custom furniture as a business now, so if you're local and want a unique piece, hit him up! ;)

June was a ca-rayy-zay month. Jon and I were shooting weddings every weekend, some weekends on both Saturday and Sunday, and driving to MN, PA, NY, MD and MA. Most memorable event? Our GPS failed in New York and I got stuck driving through the Bronx and Harlem late at night with Jon navigating via map. Those peeps drive like crazy people!
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This month, life has calmed down a bit. I mostly have a lot of smaller shoots like engagements, which has been a relaxing and needed break from June. Most days Jon and I escape to one of the local Lynchburg coffee shops to do work - rough right? If there's no work to do, one of our favorite pass times has been thrift shopping together.

Speaking of which... we got our wedding pictures back! Which means I'll be starting a wedding planning series super soon! Keep an eye out ;)
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Top: c.o Romwe
Pants: Target
Necklace: Pan and Tea
Jenna Leigh said...

Love it!! :)


Lauren | Chic Éthique said...

Your apartment is adorable! Looking forward to your wedding series!

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