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July 17, 2017

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What Do I Wear?
It's hard to figure out sometimes, amirite? Wedding photographers, are you with me? You have a unique brand, and a unique style, and somehow you want to combine those things with professionalism. But what does that look like? I'll be starting a little mini series here on the blog sharing some of my favorite outfits for shooting weddings. Hopefully you can gain a little inspiration and maybe even find some great pieces to add to your closet.

I picked up this jumpsuit pretty recently and LOVE it. Target for the win, right? The material is super light and comfy, which is perfect for shooting super toasty outdoor weddings. It lends the right amount of professionalism, while still being fun and subtly colorful. I try to dress is outfits that can blend in with the crowd, that way if you accidentally photobomb a videographer or a family member, you look like just another guest at the wedding. Another must for long days on your feet are comfy shoes. These sandals from Walmart have been a favorite of mine all summer. I picked them up for $10 and they are super duper comfortable. Wearing sandals for Summer weddings is a great way to avoid sweaty, hot misery.
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Jumpsuit: Target
Shoes: Walmart
Necklace: c/o Onecklace

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