January 3, 2017

It's 2017. It's a new year, which means everyone is busy creating laundry lists of resolutions. In reality, while resolutions are inspiring to come up with, and at first, exciting to execute, most end up taking backseat to everything else. I have some personal goals for 2017, but I'm not making resolutions this go 'round. Putting less emphasis on expectations, and more on living. True, honest to goodness life. I want to take in moments, but hold them with an open hand. I want to go on far off adventures, and be wise enough to see the ones right in front of me. Below I've gathered a list of upcoming events in 2017.

- 11 weddings booked currently. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful brides & grooms, and cry behind my camera while they say their crazy, sweet vows.
- Tying the knot with my own handsome charmer
- Embarking on Junior year in college (eesh, where did that time go?)
- Renting my first ever apartment with Jon. I somehow have to figure out how to decorate more than just one wall.
- Hosting a wedding photography workshop at Liberty. Does it get much more fun than talking photography once a week?

Keeping things simple for now. Let's see what God has in store. 

Jenna Leigh said...

Love this! :)

Unknown said...

Amazing, Loved it!
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jason blook said...

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