His Style: Winter Accessorizing Favorites

December 11, 2016

Whether he'd like to admit it or not, Jonathan can actually be pretty picky about what he wears. I love buying clothes for him (perhaps to a fault), but I have to put a lot of time into finding things that he'll like. My guidlines are usually - keep things simple, masculine and earth toned. Jon's not a big accessory guy, unless you're talking about watches. He wears one every day without fail, and slowly but surely has been adding to his collection. The most recent addition is this stunning sandalwood watch from JORD Wood Watches. Both of us are really big fans of natural wood, and when this watch arrived in the mail, both of our reactions were, "Whoah." This watch is simply gorgeous - I'm hoping he wears it all of the time ;). JORD is still offering Christmas delivery, so if you're on a last minute hunt for your guy, you might want to stop over here. Oh, and as you can see, the packaging is perfection, so no need to worry about wrapping! While your at it, if you're anything like me, you just may be tempted to pick up a little present for yourself ;). JORD was kind enough to offer all Into the Woods followers a gift card toward any purchase - to redeem, just click here to shop!
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Shirt & pants: Target
Shoes: Meryll
Watch: c/o JORD Wood Watches 
Watches Made From Wood

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