Breaking Reality

December 22, 2016

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It's frigid in Virginia right now. But I'm cozy with my family back in California. Another semester has come to a close, and I find my entire body taking a deep breath so to speak. A break from constant deadlines is so refreshing. There's still work I have to get done, but at least I'm on my own schedule now.

Christmas is everywhere. Flying over the states this week, I noticed the landscape looking extra glimmery. I realized that the cities and neighborhoods were glittering with holiday lights. I love this time of year. To think I can travel 2,500 miles and I will still be surrounded by the same music, decorations and glow.
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This outfit will give you a pretty good idea of what I wear on any given photo session. It's getting a bit chilly to not be sporting a big coat of some kind, but in the Fall and early Winter, I like to keep things casual and comfy. This jacket is another piece I picked up from Romwe. It's been one of my favorites for everything from casual outings to campouts and hikse. I paired it with my absolute favorite necklace from Pan and Tea ( my daily go to), and a few pieces I've had since Summer.
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Jacket: c.o Romwe
Shirt: Ross
Pants: thrifted
Shoes: Target
Necklace: PanandTea

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