Being Real

August 16, 2016


I've been excited to see a lot more women embracing authenticity lately. It feels like a movement - like the world is finally growing weary of putting on a show of comparisons - of ridicule. A lot of these things will never die off in their entirety, but as for me? I'm ready to start living bravely- to be open about my convictions, downfalls and triumphs alike. There is such a raw beauty in being open with one another - not getting caught in a misguided expectation for physical perfection, and being willing to admit to our faults. We are all constantly comparing ourselves - if only I could be as pretty, as organized, as godly as her. No. Just no. Because behind every seemingly "perfect" woman is an ordinary girl dealing with her own struggles. Even from a biblical perspective - the Bible doesn't sugar coat. Everything is plain, simple and forthright. Why should we be any different?

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The reality of it all is that the world has gone generation after generation playing the perfection card, the, "I have a happy life" card. Social media has done us all a huge favor, making this problem a thousand times harder.

We are all humans.

It's time to end comparisons. Challenge yourself because God pushes you to, not because of jealousy or envy. We all have a lot of differences, but in a lot of ways we are all so the same. We are a lost animal, and we need guidance from a Savior.

Dare to be bold. Dare to be brave. We're all in this.

Sara said...

You go girl! Authenticity for the win. :)


Abie said...

needed this SO much today. Thank you!!!!

Becca Meyer said...

I'm so with you! Been thinking about this lately and was actually just writing my own post about it!

Abby said...

You just grew up! This is why you see more womens being natural. Happen to me too!

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